COVID-19: Negative tests for garment factory workers and contacts; remain quarantined during incubation window

An empty Suva bus station during the Suva-Nausori lockdown which began today, May 1, 2021. Picture: JOVESA NAISUA

Tests conducted by the Fiji Centre for Disease Control (CDC) on 791 garment workers and some secondary contacts had come out negative.

Ministry of Health and Medical Services permanent secretary Dr James Fong said they had been able to narrow down the number of work contacts for case 113 – the 52-year-old garment worker – from 877 to 771.

He said they continued to investigate whether there were other contacts that needed to be screened and tested.

“While we do not have any positive results yet from the contacts at the two garment factories, that could change at any point throughout the 14-day incubation window for the virus,” Dr Fong said.

“That is why these contacts are all under a home quarantine order that will last two weeks from their last contact with case 113.

“Because we’ve acted quickly to contain these staff, if any do develop the virus, it will be securely detected while they are in quarantine.”

Dr Fong said there was one reason on how they successfully located all of those Fijians – “ … because the more than 300,000 people living in Suva and Nausori did their jobs this weekend by staying home”.

“I’ve spoken to the Police, they made only a handful of arrests. Otherwise, the streets were clear.

“Because of that level of cooperation, my teams were able to do their duty well and quickly, and the lockdown measures came to their end, on-schedule, at 0400 hours today.”

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