Zavyer needs your help

ZAVYER Ibn Muaaz does not eat much and tips the scale at a third of the weight of a normal eight-month-old infant.

He does not eat much because he develops breathing problems two minutes into breastfeeding, his mother, Farhana Nisha reported.

Baby Zavyer suffers from a complex congenital cyanotic heart disease and his family is pleading with the public for financial assistance to assist with the cost of surgery overseas.

Ms Nisha said her first born had been turning blue when he cried.

“With assistance we hope he can have surgery as soon as possible,” she said.

“He feeds for two minutes and then he runs short of breath, recently he has not been eating much.”

Farzana Magnus of the Children’s Heart Foundation said they were doing their best to assist with the evacuation of Zavyer, who lived in Nadi with his parents.

She urged the public to help the family with the fundraising efforts as there were many costs involved because of the complexity of the infant’s condition.

Those wishing to assist Zavyer can email the foundation on or contact the family on telephone number 9241108.

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