Youths urged to work hard, not be disheartened

YOUTHS have been urged by the Ministry of Youth and Sport director, George Francis, to work hard and not be disheartened.

While awarding youths at the Labasa District Youth Council Awards, Mr Francis said youths had the potential to become good leaders and citizens.

“This is an achievement made by all of you, which means it shows your hard work and dedication towards the things you do,” he said.

Mr Francis said the awards showed the appreciation by the youth council towards the various youth groups in Labasa.

“The meaning of awards night is not only to recognise your hard work, but it is a motivational exercise to keep you working harder in the future,” he said.

“For all those that won’t be receiving any awards, please do not be disheartened, this is another way to keep up with your performance and aim for the next awards night like this in the future. Always continue to work hard.”

Mr Francis said the awards were recognition for the youth’s sheer dedication, commitment and hard work.

“These awards will recognise each individual and various categories in best community involvement, community commitment award, male youth of the year award, female youth of the year award, manager of the year award and other special awards,” he said.

“To the award recipients, continue with your good work that you all have been doing through your involvement with your communities. I salute you all for your hard work,” he said.

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