Youths urged to become seafarers

Assistant Minister for Transport Vijay Nath lay the wreath at the foreshore Stinsons Parade as acting CEO Capt Philip Hill (left) and board member Annabelle Ali looks during the World Maritime Day celebration at Sukuna Park. Picture: RAMA

SENIOR ports pilot at the Fiji Ports Corporation Captain Mosese Cirikisuva has urged youths, especially girls, to take up the challenge of becoming seafarers and marine pilots.

Capt Cirikisuva was awarded the best pilot of the year award during the Maritime Safety Authority of Fiji (MSAF) awards night in Suva on Thursday.

“It will be a good achievement for females to sail on foreign ships, we hardly get that,” he said.

Capt Cirikisuva, who has been sailing for years, said despite the obstacles he faced, perseverance and hard work was what made him achieve his goal.

“It has always been my dream to become a pilot and at that time I was only 20 years old. I have achieved my dreams and I cannot go any further from here, I enjoy this job now because I get back home every day and it’s not like how you are on the ship; you just come home for two months and the rest of the months you stay in the ships.”

He said all marine pilots should always be recognised for their hard work.

“There are so many senior pilots out there who should also get this award because we are all hardworking, we all do the hard work with regards to piloting and trying to get the ships to safety. Capt Cirikisuva said being a marine pilot was never an easy job.

“There is always obstruction in people who try to push you down and stop you from what you want to achieve, when I was piloting I used to have barriers from people trying to stop me but I kept working hard and that is how I was able to achieve my dream.”

He now works with the Fiji Ports Corporation.