Youths to see, visit and know India

THE Know India Program (KIP) has again attracted the largest number of Fijian youths to take part in the event this year.

Indian High Commissioner to Fiji Vishvas Sapkal said the 44th “Know India Program” would have 12 Fijians of Indian descent travelling to India.

“The 12 chosen will be departing Fiji on Wednesday and will travel to Delhi, Andhra Pradesh and Telangana,” he said.

“We have four programs every year and this year alone, out of the total number from 160 worldwide, 39 are from Fiji. So Fiji has the largest contingent.”

Mr Sapkal said the program was a 25-day tour which involved participants visiting important places in India.

“They will get a chance to meet various ministers, visit the parliament and historical monuments in India.

“The youths also will be attached in various field including economy, politics, tourism and other sectors.

“This experience will help them to connect to India and carry these lifelong memories.”

Youths travelling under this program are between 18 and 30 years old.

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