Youths gain from programs

Naivisara Villagers with Awqaf Fiji team. Picture: SUPPLIED

Youths of Naivisara Village in Rewa have benefitted from the livelihood programs run by AWQAF Fiji.

Akariva Naitaka was employed by Fiji Pine Ltd but when COVID-19 hit, the young man lost his job and had to resort to alternate means of earning a living.

“This project by AWQAF has helped me and my fellow youths a lot. We were given vegetable seeds and we cleared up some land in the village and planted them.

“The first harvest from the farm was distributed among the village elders and our families. We will sell the vegetables from the next harvest at the market so that we can get some money,” he said.

Mr Naitaka said they were part of a workshop facilitated by the organization where they learnt about sustainable farming practices, including composting. “We use this compost manure for our farm and it also helps us to manage our waste.”

In addition to the vegetable farm Mr Naitaka is also set to receive some ducklings from AWQAF which would be sold once they mature.

The young man said he was grateful to the organization for its assistance because it taught the youths how to stand on their feet and become self-sufficient and earn a living.

“The youths have also planted about 513 mangrove plants (Dogo) which will protect our coastline and these seedlings were also provided by Mr Ali.”

Mr Naitaka believes that young people should also look at farming as an alternative.

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