Youths end year on a high

The KVL Youth Group with Sister Miria Taunaholo. Picture: VINIANA RADINIBEQA

The youths of Kauvula Place (KVL Youth Group) in Nakasi organised a breakup party before school started this year.

These youths who nurtured a bond that helped them keep out of trouble while schools were closed treated themselves as a way to thank each other for their commitment to staying safe and being in touch during the tough times.

Apart from organising community and team bonding activities, these youths from the ages of nine to 20 also raised funds for their group breakup party. Having each other made it easy for these children to go through the pandemic as they shared their experiences and helped each other grow.

Not only are these children into community development, they also work towards achieving their academic goals by encouraging each other through their studies.

This not only allowed these youths to come together for a greater good, but also opened doors to good friendship that can last a lifetime. Sister Miria Taunaholo, who spoke to the youth during the party, said good change starts with them – the individual youth members. “You and I have to change, especially with the challenges young people face nowadays,” she told the youth members during their breakup party.

“That good change will have to come from us, the youths here. “When you change, you can change your family and your neighbourhood and it will spread to your friends in schools, in your communities and even to the nation. “We sisters are always proud of you youths of Kauvula, but we also understand the pressure that you go through in life.

“Life is not easy, especially for young individuals as yourselves. “We need the grace and strength of God in us to be able to do these changes.

“You can get strength to help you change through the power of prayer, fasting and giving (helping others).

“This will help you in your spiritual life in order to gain strength.”

She added that the centre was always open to the youth as it’s now part of the sisters’ ministry in helping the youths grow.

The youths party was held at the Lighthouse Retreat Centre in Nakasi which is operated by the sisters.

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