Youth empowerment

THE United Samabula North Youth Club is focusing on youth empowerment through initiatives such as sports and farming to generate income.

Part of the group’s initiatives also included building a nursery, along with a gym and a multipurpose court.

Youth consultant Kelepi Gucake said they decided to venture into micro-business initiatives this year to create employment opportunities for the group .

Mr Gucake said they were also involved in community engagement projects as well.

“We have been advocating a lot on community engagement and we’ve been working in the Senior Citizens Home and also participating in the Fight the Bite campaign by cleaning up the Samabula area,” Mr Gucake said.

The youth group was made up of 60 members and their resolution for this year was to focus on their spiritual development.

Mr Gucake, a retired Superintendent of the Fiji Police Force, said part of his retirement plan was to nurture and share his experiences with the group to become law-abiding citizens.

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