Your little getaway

The construction staff of Oneta Resort. Picture: SIKELI QOUNADOVU

Ever think of the tranquillity of such pristine environment on crystal clear waters garlanded by the most magnificent corals and majestic ocean floor sculptured by the hands of nature?

Ever think of escaping and getting lost in paradise, free from the hustle and bustle of city life? Ever think of a place where it gives you permission for self-reflection and meditation?

Ever think of all of this inclusive in one package and enjoying the most hearty organic home-grown mouth-watering cuisine? There is one resort that answers all of the above and Oneta Resort is your little getaway.

Located on Ono Island in Kadavu, Oneta Resort is the place to be. From out at sea Oneta Resort is like a tiny jewel tucked away in such a pristine environment. On the boat the crystal clear waters allow you to look right down to the seabed.

The sandy beach that glitter like a sea of diamond greets you, coupled with the swaying palm trees, birds chirping atop tree canopies and the cool salt-water breeze that soothes your soul.

Oneta Resort is also home to the friendliest staff who are always on call to take care of your needs.

To get to the resort is either a plane ride to Vunisea in mainland Kadavu then a boat ride to the resort, or a more convenient one via a passenger’s vessel to Kavala Bay and then a half an hour boat ride to the resort.

Before arrangements have been made, the resort boat can pick you up from either Vunisea or Kavala.

With a friendly staff to ensure you enjoy your stay, the resort has even had visitors returning because of the warm hospitality and serenity.

One of the resorts greatest pride is the Great Astrolabe Reef which is one of the world’s largest barrier reef and sort after diving spot in the world.

While there was no time to go snorkelling, just by looking at the waters beauty is benevolent.

The Kadavu Fiji website describes the reef as;

“The Great Astrolabe Reef has vast areas of colourful hard corals together with soft corals. Local residents include humpback whales, pilot whales, giant trevally, mahi-mahi, Maori wrasse, spinner dolphins, tiera bat-fish and groupers of all sizes – some as big as the Queensland grouper. There are assortments of sharks including zebra and ray-sharks, along with eagle and manta rays.

According to Frommer’s Travel Guide, “Kadavu has the largest concentration of manta-rays in Fiji”.

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