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Letters to the Editor:

Go Rabbitohs

I refer to Savenaca Vakaliwaliwa’s letter FT 1/10/2014.

First and foremost, let me remind him that his young Bulldogs side did not play in last year’s NRL Grand Final.

Sydney Roosters beat Manly Sea Eagles. I do agree that the best team will win.

As for me, I am definitely supporting the South Sydney Rabbitohs with John Sutton leading the charge together with Lote Tuqiri and Apisai Koroisau.

It will be history in the making for the Rabbitohs after 43 years to lift the title, especially when none of the players in the whole team were born.

Even at 35 years, Tuqiri the former dual international is sure to bow out on a high while inspiring his younger team-mates for a grand finish.

Go Rabbitohs, go.

Raymond Singh

Medical issue

Over the past weekend I had a very high fever and went to one of the renowned private medical doctors in Nadi.

The doctor did his test and told me I had very high fever and prescribed me some medication and asked for his bill to be paid at the counter.

It took him less than five minutes to examine and prescribe medication and his scope was only for the sickness that I went for.

When I went to the pharmacy I was given a pack each containing 20 tablets of burofen and amoxicillin with special instruction to finish full course. It nearly cost me $60 for the medication and doctor’s bill.

After nearly two days my fever slightly subdued, however, I started experiencing severe gastritis, heart burn, running stomach and continuous coughing.

I again visited the same doctor and he explained that it could be caused by amoxicillin and he again prescribed me some medication and I had to pay his charge again.

The second visit cost me $80 plus the additional suffering from amoxicillin.

What I fail to understand is why the doctor did not explain to me in the first place about the side effects of the tablets and he should have prescribed me medications to counter the side effects in the first place, rather than waiting for the second visit.

I believe some doctors in Fiji fail to explain about medications they are prescribing and the side effects.

It would be wise if the doctors could spend a minimum of 10-15 mins per patient rather than less than five minutes.

Rajnesh kumar




Children are vulnerable road users.

Anywhere where there is a potential for moving vehicles is a potentially dangerous traffic situation for children.

This includes residential areas, car parks, at traffic lights, along footpaths, zebra and other crossings, driveways, quiet streets, and busy streets.

Yesterday, I witnessed a child about four years old, who ran across the road at the Suva market traffic lights, being slapped several times by the guardian.

And yes, the kid was alone as the adult companion was busy yarning to another lady.

Children are easily distracted and focus on only one aspect of what is happening and cannot accurately judge the speed and distance of moving vehicles.

To all adults, especially women, keep an eye on your kids. And if you think you are the meet and gossip type, have a leash on your child.

Pat Vuli


Basic food


I believe the cost of a lot of things is rising every now and then but I hope the cost of basic food items will be kept under price control.

For example milk, flour, rice, dhal, etc.

The cost of milk is about $7.

Some mothers may skip their meals to feed their children and if they have babies to breastfeed, their bodies might not be able to produce enough milk for their babies.

In such cases mothers buy milk to feed their babies, and rice, flour, sharp and dhal are used by many people daily.

I hope the Consumer Council of Fiji will look into this.





I would like to know what happens to the temporary emergency generators FEA gets every year.

Where do they keep them or maintain them when they are not required.

I would also like to ask the government why they are not investing in steam plants to generate electricity.

They would save on the extra $20million on fuel during the dry spells per month.

I would also like to know what is the status of the FEA wind farm.

I hope someone from the Ministry of Energy can see the usefulness of the steam plants and bring this subject for discussion in parliament.

Sukha Singh




IT seems that there will be a water “Christmas present” this year.

The new Minister for Infrastructure has not minced his word saying that water is a top priority for him.

Maybe, he would tell us how this would be achieved.

The whole essence of a Christmas gift is that surely that it would come as a surprise to everyone in Fiji.

Now it seems that water rationing would have to continue for sometime after the drought.

When this drought ends WAF is to try to arrange for enlargement of catchment areas to cater for the increasing population.

Perhaps consult desert nations with no rivers.

Amenatave Yaconisau



THE recent exchange of views between Frank Bainimarama, now the freshly elected Prime Minister, and newly elected Methodist Church leadership is good to watch as we get a glimpse of just what living in a “secular state” is all about; the separation between church and state.

A quick look at the circular letter sent to Methodist congregations by Rev Iliesa Naivalu as the Church’s Christian Citizenship secretary I see no reason why PM Bainimarama should feel disappointed as the letter was well intended and meant what it stated “we encourage our members to use their rights in taking part in the September election, and that they use this freedom wisely”.

Now that PM Bainimarama has won the election with 59 per cent margin he should be grateful that such advice was given.

Fiji Methodists in large numbers have learnt how to use their freedom as we enter a new democratic space.

But the September election is only the first step of transition in Fiji’s democracy after eight years of Voreqe Bainimarama’s military rule.

As the country now moves into democratic space Methodists will learn that in a world where political leadership is often synonymous with tyranny the church has to assist transformation of power applied with a sense of service with responsibility for all Fiji’s diverse people.

Government will leave the church to manage its own affairs and the church will continue to speak truth to power as expected and when necessary.




our dollar

SINCE we have a stable and credible government now and positive signs of investments and economic growth, I would like to ask our MPs and economists that if our dollar is “revalued” by 15-20 per cent will it make any difference to our cost of living? If yes, is it possible in the next 12 months?





IT’S great see a lot of talk generated towards self-reliance, in particular for women and families. It would be just as great to hear about the enabling environments that are, and would be created to sustain self-reliance.

For instance, a concerning issue is the health of women and others who engage in small to medium and other self-reliant projects or work.

In this regard it would be useful for ministries to link with the Ministry of Health and vice-versa to ensure greater synergies, as health is an area that cuts across all sectors be it infrastructure, land use, agriculture and fisheries, women, sports and youth, education, tourism, housing, information and technology, labour, security, legal entities to name a few.

When linkages and synergies are identified, work not only becomes more shared, but enabling environments are created, and often lead to greater sustainability.





CAN someone please find out who is creating a fake profile of Ro Teimumu Kepa on Facebook?

The person who did this must be punished as a lot of abusive words have been used for politicians.




cast aside

IF what Vijay Maharaj says (FT 01/10) is true about the former Health Minister Dr Neil Sharma being the only one of the seven former ministers left out of Bainimarama’s new post election Cabinet line-up, then his predicament is not dissimilar to that of the salesman Willy Loman in Arthur Miller’s Pulitzer Prize winning play Death of a Salesman (1949).

Loman was cast aside by the company when he had outlived his practical usefulness to them.

I wonder if in a private moment Dr Sharma too feels that way?

It’s quite human, isn’t it?




Salty food

THE World Health Day has made us aware of the consequences of intake of excess salt through our food. Consumers have also been cautioned by the medical authorities as it results in some serious diseases. The onus is on us. Let’s discipline ourselves, and the concerned authorities to legislate food outlets and educate all those responsible for food preparation.


Hamilton, New Zealand

Sekoula tree

THE sekoula tree is gone. Gone with it are so many memories. If the tree could talk many of us would be in jail or divorced. Anyway, I thank the authorities for the explanation and yes let’s plant 1000 trees around Lautoka.



That tree

SINCE the sekoula tree is no more, I believe Allen and his disciples can spend quality time with their families rather than sending the wrong message to our youths that drinking kava is a way of life. This is a blessing in disguise. Sorry buddy, but life goes on. Live a healthy life since youths are our best resource.


Vancouver, Canada

Well done

CONGRATULATIONS to the former Xavier students who have made it into parliament. Where there is despair give the people of Fiji hope.



Tree party

IT’S just sad to see the Lautoka City Council destroy the sekoula tree. Now is the time to form a party and fight the municipal election next time and plant another sekoula tree. Let’s win the election and fix the shortcomings.



Sugar City

LAUTOKA is the second city or the Sugar City of Fiji, but the sad part is that it has more than enough second-hand clothes shops. Should it be called second-hand city rather than Sugar City?




COME on LTA, wake up. Not much point in campaigning about cancer prevention when you appear to be doing nothing to police the black diesel smoke belching from the buses, trucks and cars that we have no choice but to breathe in each day. Try driving with your car windows down at Nabua or Samabula (or anywhere in Suva) during peak hour. Time for action please LTA.



Feel it

NOW that we are fortunate to be experiencing a moment of relief, I hope people will not only get wet but feel the rain.


Suva Point

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