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Charity, love and unity

FIJI has just gone through one of its most important stages in its history.

People of all faiths, denomination, age, creed came together in thanksgiving for this new beginning.

This is the will of the people. We must accept their will.

Let’s seek forgiveness for all ills said and done and let’s forgive all said and done too.

We must move forward as strong people united in charity and love.

“The weak can never forgive. Forgiveness is the attribute of the strong.” – Mahatma Gandhi

Let’s show the world how strong we are as a nation.

Fiji is the way the world should be!

God bless Fiji and all Fijians.


Next budget

I HAVE some food for thought for the government’s next budget.

Increase taxes on cigarettes, alcohol, junk food, and soda drinks.

The revenue should then be allocated to the Health Ministry to help it deal with diseases caused by the consumption of these items.

The user-pay system should not be restricted to car parks and public toilets but should also include health care.

If people choose to make reckless lifestyle choices, then they should give a little extra to help bear the burden.

GABRIEL, Rakiraki

Climate change

IN her book, This Changes Everything: Capitalism v the Climate, the author, Naomi Klein, who wants “this book to be read by people who don’t read climate change books”, argues that “humans don’t cause climate collapse, and nor does carbon.

The problem is a particular arrangement of these elements, in other words, capitalism, the whole point of which is to find resources and exploit them” (Jenny Turner, The Guardian 19/9).

This, to me, is a very penetrating analysis of the problem.

The view that it is unfettered capitalism and rampant resource exploitation that is responsible for climate change.

It has much better explanatory power than the view that humans cause climate change.

A large part of humanity have nothing to do with causing climate change —and that includes the many people of the Pacific Islands.

RAJEND NAIDU, Sydney Australia

Agape of Christ

ELECTION candidates, including those who will make it into parliament, all need the agape or love of Christ in their lives.

It is interesting that the New Testament writers use this Greek word to differentiate our discriminatory human love with the love of God.

With the revelation of the number of votes a candidate gets from a polling station, one could get a feel if voters only supported the candidate by mouth only and that their hearts were on someone else.

To all successful candidates who will be sworn in to lead our nation; pray for the manifestation of the love of Christ in your lives, who, even though rejected and crucified on the cross as a criminal by His own people, still became the Lamb of God who takes away the sins of the world.

The agape of Christ will make a leader serve the people equally without any discrimination as if they all had cast their one vote for him or her.


A good leader

THE people of Fiji have spoken and unanimously endorsed the FijiFirst party.

The Multinational Observer Group has spoken and given the all clear to the election.

A New Zealand representative went as far as claiming that the election was much smoother than what they had in New Zealand.

Let me define a leader. He or she is one who knows the way, goes the way and shows the way.

He must have vision and passion and not be afraid of any problem.

He should know how to defeat it. Most importantly, he must work with integrity.

Let us now hope and pray that God gives Mr Bainimarama wisdom, strength, encouragement and blessing to run this country in a peaceful and progressive manner so that the whole nation is developed for the benefit of each and every one of us.

Those who have been defeated should not be discouraged and instead work for the good of the country and better luck for them in the next election.


Traffic flow

WITH the flow of more and more vehicles on our roads and Nadi Town with only one main street, traffic conjecture is becoming a big problem.

You can hardly find parking space.

It is high time that the Nadi Town Council addresses this very important issue.

I have a suggestion which I feel will really help the flow of traffic through the town and provide more parking space.

Firstly, the main street from the Mandir side of the town to the bridge be made one way and provide one side of the street as angle parking.

Remove all the islands on the other side of the street to give a smooth flow of traffic.

Also, make Lodhia St one way from the river end and also provide angle parking.

With the angle parking in these two streets you will see that the parking space has been increased by almost three times. Secondly, Andrew’s Rd from the river-end will be made one way all the way to Market Rd near the fire station.

Construct roundabouts on both ends connecting the bypass road near the fire station joining Market Rd to the Nadi Back Rd.

Leave all the other streets as they are and see what effect you have on the traffic flow. If there are any hick-ups, minor adjustments can be made.

These are my suggestions and if Nadi Town Council has something better, we would appreciate that to see that we have better flow of traffic through Nadi Town and more parking space.


Good job

I WOULD like to thank the Supervisor of Elections and all the hardworking polling station workers for doing an exceptional job during the election.

I went to vote at the Martintart Markaz and the polling workers were really helpful, their bula smile and positive attitude to help voters needs to be commended.

It didn’t even take me five minutes to cast my vote and this was only possible due to proper organisational skills of the polling workers.

The success of the one-day election is a slap on the face of those who were criticising that having such an election was not possible.

Big thank you to the Supervisor of Election and all the hardworking staff at the Fijian Elections Office and the polling stations. You all did an exceptional job.


Election ideas

THE results are out, albeit after days of counting and claims of rigging. But I did not see anything electronic in the process. I was expecting to slide my marked ballot paper through a scanner which would then pick up and communicate my vote to the main station. This might be a far-fetched idea, but can we have robots officiating in 2018, starting with the supervisor?


What if

IT might be time for us to take a deep breath and look towards the future. Let’s stop plunging down the “what if” path. And remember, having cluttered brains often will make it harder for us to have a balanced view in life.


Time to retire

IT’S about time Mahendra Chaudhry retire and enjoy his remaining years. Or as the youngsters say nowadays, “chillax mada”.


Drying up

THE place is really dry with the drought which is gripping the country. In the West everything is as dry as dry. Even our skin is drying up.


7s omen

A GOOD omen or a bad omen. How many world 7s tournament has Fiji won with Waisale Serevi’s presence or assistance. So how good is the present Fiji 7s coach? Does he really need this guy’s help or should there be someone like Kolinisau understudying Ben Ryan. Ben, you are doing a great job so plug those ears.


FLP and Ba

MAHENDRA Chaudhry and his Fiji Labour Party are like the Ba soccer team. They cannot take defeat and when defeat is by a huge margin, they lodge protests! Ba to Ba hai!

SAM J RANIGA, Queensland Australia

God of faith

IN response to Rajendra Naidu’s letter (FT 14/9), my Bible says “a fool says there is no God”. My Bible also says “do not argue with a fool, for he will scorn the wisdom of your words”. We, people of faith, prayed and our God heard us. Our 45 brothers were released. We rest our case.


Religion debate

THE slaughter of humanity worldwide in the name of some gods has changed the perception about the way the majority of us think about religion (FT 20/9). “Yes, the world might be a great deal better off without Him,” says Christopher Hitchens in his work on God is Not Great

SHAHKUN PRASAD, Melbourne Australia

YOUR SAY: Let’s move on

One queue, one vote

THE people of Fiji have spoken and basically what the majority have said through their votes is that they appreciate what the Bainimarama government has done, will continue to do and what they’ve achieved in such a short period of time.

Its track record speaks for itself.

So congratulations to Frank and the FijiFirst party. I wish you all the best in parliament.

Please, continue your great vision for this country, your “clean-up campaign” rid this country of corrupt and greedy individuals and organisations that try and short cut the system and encourage corruption through bribes.

It was a proud moment for me as I stood in the same line as everybody else to vote and not in the “others” line as I did once in the past.

One queue, one vote, too easy.

A new age of democracy is born.

Celebration time for all Fijians.


Christianity and State

SAVENACA Vakaliwaliwa (FT 21/9), having the majority population of any religion does not make that country automatically of that state.

To erase this issue, the decision was made and endorsed in the Constitution. Just to be fair to all.

He is so right to say that no one is being forced not to pray and the freedom of religion in the past eight years will continue after this election.

So what’s the big fuss about Fiji being a Christian state.

It also amuses me that he thinks the political campaigns by election candidates are taking away the Christ from their Christianity and thereby removing their beautiful smiles and caring and loving attitude.

So does it mean that stating a country as secular state is actually taking away their faith from within them?

Tourists on the other hand are impressed with the people of Fiji in general, not even knowing what religious bodies they belong to so to say that “tourists continue to flock into Fiji because they see the Christian majority living in harmony as one people with other religious beliefs and races” is totally off the track.

Finally, no one is spoiling the beautiful image of Fiji in the minds of visitors or in the eyes of the world.

It is from individual thinking as such which creates the commotion and racial difference among people.

Sometimes when things get too complicated within the mind, it’s better to follow the law which is there to guide us.


No more coup

AS the final voter process winds up with thanksgiving prayers, reassurances from the heads of the disciplinary forces that there will be no coup is very encouraging.

Any reappearance of armed soldiers on the streets may unnecessarily create alarm but is a warning presence to troublemakers who may want to create instability

Now let’s go on with the spirit of development which is currently sweeping Fiji today.

Petty arguments will be a waste of time.

Let’s have some tonic to Fiji’s international relations, business and commerce, and developing rural areas.


Bold statement

DR Kishore’s comments about FLP’s poor performance in the election is indeed very true.

There is nothing wrong with the statements he made about FLP and it is sad that after making such statements in the media, he has been threatened.

What’s worse is that now the party wants to discipline him for his alleged comments.

It’s high time Dr Kishore realises that he stood for a wrong party where his knowledge and expertise has not been given the true value it deserves.

I’m sure you can personally do more wonders than the entire FLP can.

The votes you got speak for itself.

Avineel Kumar, Nadi

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