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Fresh faces and bula smiles

IT was so great to see our parliamentarian’s group photo on the front page of The Fiji Times yesterday.

It has been so long since we last saw such a beautiful photo of our parliamentarians with their bula smiles. Our PM has lived up to his promise of returning Fiji to democracy and the fresh faces of some of our parliamentarians is a sign that more good times are coming our way.

I pray and hope that the after taking their oaths our ministers truly live up to our expectations in serving Fiji by putting all Fijians at heart.

Best wishes to all the parliamentarians, make us all proud.


Good luck Vuruna

IT is good to see that our comrade Isikeli Vuruna has finally made it back into Ben Ryan’s 7s rugby team.

I still can remember training at the gym with Vuruna in Golan one evening when I asked him what he was training so hard for?

He said he wanted to try a shot at the national 7s or in the 15s teams.

Vuruna will never miss his daily training program. He will either train early in the day or very late at night depending on when he would knock off from duty.

He thought I was joking when I told him that I was going to take his picture while in training and send it to The Fiji Times to try and get Ben Ryan’s attention.

Well, The Fiji Times guys assisted in a way for Vuruna.

Thank you Rashneel for your assistance with this young man’s sports career.

Isikeli Vuruna, we your comrades back here in Golan are happy for you and we will be watching and will be cheering for you and the boys from our TV room.

We wish you the best and remember to wave back at us when you go on screen.

Elimi Marawa

Qawa River stench

EVERY year at about this time we read yet again of the Qawa River stench as an environmental hazard.

Can the minister assist and take those responsible to task.

Yes, in today’s jargon “we will confront the problem by raising awareness and recruit overpaid overseas consultants to conduct relevant studies in order to map the road forward.”

No, it’s simple. No workshops, no tea parties just get the authorities to ensure that FSC Labasa mill locates its intake water pipe downstream to its rubbish outlet pipe.

I don’t believe the mill would like pumping its own rubbish back into its own mill. No more stench and a cleaner river, done.

In the meantime let’s do even better and request the mill to sell its excess power produced at this time back to the FEA grid to pay for the adjustment of their piping system.

Oh and please no huge parties to celebrate these happenings, “just do it!”

Geoff Taylor

Bumpy ride

Somebody should measure it on the Richter scale, the bumpy portion of road leading up from Nataly Namaka to the FNU campus.

Such terrible impact on the shock absorbers and car bushings that it rattles more than a rattlesnake, more like a “ghad, ghad….thud!” What a jolting ride our visitors get when they arrive in Fiji.

For those who want a rough ride, come to Namaka, you will be thrilled.

Mervin H Ali

Fire rugby

Congratulations to the National Fire Rugby Club playing in the Suva Rugby Union in reaching Escott Shield grand final.

Although it fell short of victory, it was a huge achievement itself to play in the grand final considering the team’s history in the Suva rugby competition.

It is one of the new, well-structured, organised and entertaining team to watch on Saturdays.

Hats off to the coach and management of NFA rugby. Good luck next year.

Timoci Matainadroga

Champion Rabbitohs

FROM the eyes of a Canterbury Bulldogs supporter, I believe all who watched the 2014 NRL Grand Final should give the South Sydney Rabbitohs a standing ovation for its brilliant victory after a 43-year grand final drought.

From the start of the game until the Bulldogs equalised at 6-6, the game could still have gone either way but one could see that the Rabbitohs seemed to have an upper hand.

The number of tries scored within the last few minutes of the game just confirmed how good and hungry the team was in creating history for its South Sydney supporters.

Congratulations South Sydney Rabbitohs for one hell of a great NRL Grand Final.

Savenaca Vakaliwaliwa

Solar power

WITH the current weather conditions we are facing, we are being warned to use water sparingly and now the FEA says it is using fossil fuels to cater for the demand. Would it be possible for solar panels to be made available to customers, at an affordable price so when we face this type of condition customers can also do their bit by switching to the greener energy thus, it will save the FEA some expenses.

To offset that the FEA can sell and install these panels and everybody wins.

We can take a leaf from Japan where it will have solar panels fitted into all new homes, so that in future it will have a cleaner energy source and save costs. Let’s make use of the resources around us, oh and good luck to the boys on the Gold Coast.

Lawrence Wara

Fiji soccer

IT was exciting to read in The Fiji Times (7/10) that Fiji FA will table a motion at the Ordinary Congress in Suva today to deny any newcomer to contest for the president’s post next year.

All thanks to the CEO, Bob Kumar for his strategic leadership and vision and for coming up with a flawless circular to stop any other Fijian who would consider standing for elections to hinder our consistent progress.

I request those people participating at the Congress to be obedient to Mr Kumar and do what he says to keep the sport moving forward.

Kelvin Anthony


A GOOD suggestion by a writer (FT 7/10/14) is for an introductory course to use devices such as iPads by those parliamentarians who are not so well versed with latest technologies. Maybe God help them taking the oath … so help me God!

Tahir Ali

Diwali plea

FOR those of who are planning to bombard our nights with loud firecrackers and the works, please spare a thought for the infants and the newly born in the neighborhood. Pleasure or enjoyment at the expense of others is wrong and is against the doctrine of Lord Rama. I hope there is a curfew on these things and the police be vigilant.

Rishal Singh


There’s total blackout in New Zealand. A mate who always sings the song “we are the champions” was in silent mode. Then I heard the news our shadow 7s team beat the All Blacks at the Oceania 7s. To add salt to their wounds, The Springboks demolished the mighty Blacks as well. Can’t wait for this weekend. Go Fiji, go.

Moses Mani

Minibus licence

Could the Land Transport Authority let us in the North know when it will be issuing minibus licences?

Sukha Singh

ISIS and Israel

IF the US, UN and the Arab allies fail to stop the Islamic State juggernaut and the caliphate is cemented in Syria/Iraq/Jordan, it spells bad news for Israel. This is because the spiritual heart of the Levant is Jerusalem and Baghdadi may see himself as the modern day Salahuddin, moving heaven and earth to claim this hallowed land. Let’s hope this unthinkable horror never comes to pass.

Marcus Rusti

Save Shirley

CAN someone tell us what is happening to Shirley Park after all our calls to save it?

Helena Gibbons

Moving on

SINCE native Fijians assert and hold to themselves the customs and tradition with Christian values, reconciliation is a process and a challenge awaiting individuals to accept, forgive and move on.

Suva Point

Poll results

I BELIEVE the election results in the various polling stations provide interesting reading. Is it the sign of our political development?

Dan Urai

Auditor-General’s reports

VOREQE Bainimarama said at the 2015 Budget Forum held last Saturday (FT. 05/10/14) that the process of government service needs to be more service oriented and efficient whether it is obtaining a fishing licence or a duty concession.

This could signal attention to something bigger and missed by the Fiji public, the annual Auditor-General’s Reports for the past eight years.

The 2013 Fiji Government Constitution states Section 152(1) ” At least once in every year, the Auditor General shall inspect, audit and report to Parliament on ??”.

Going into a democratic parliament Mr Bainimarama will need to talk about the public accounts of the State and how national budgeting had fared under his government.

Recovery has to be based on better management and clear priorities.

Reverend Akuila Yabaki

Tablet use

WITH our politicians now going hi-tech, I hope that those tablets would be put to appropriate use while in parliament.

A few may probably get carried away with the new gadgets but watching YouTube videos, updating Facebook status, clicking selfies and browsing those naughty adult content online would be a big no-no and unsuitable in such an environment.

Would there be someone standing with a leash monitoring such activities while the Parliament is in session?

Nishant Singh

Moving messages

THEY say that a picture conveys messages better than a thousand words.

I thought your photograph of our Members of Parliament was very effective in conveying two very moving messages.

The first was the splendid sight of Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum and Balmindar Singh in their sulu vakataga on this special national occasion.

They were proclaiming how proud they are to be kai Viti.

The second was how Pio Tikoduadua positioned himself behind everybody else and especially the Marama Roko Tui Dreketi.

He is number three in his ranking in Cabinet, and yet he is demonstrating that he has not forgotten his cultural and ethical value of humility.

To you three gentlemen, I say congratulations and thank you.



Traffic fines

THE cameras at the Kinoya traffic lights take pictures of vehicles crossing the red light, on the pointsman’s (traffic controller) queue.

I wonder who’s going to pay the fines for that?


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