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South Sydney Rabbitohs end drought

IT took the South Sydney Rabbitohs 43 years to make a return to the rugby league grand final and they did this in style. After 43 years, the Rabbitohs created history. What a game. The Rabbitohs did not fall short of power, pace, skill, leadership and raised the bar another notch in the last 10 minutes.

A brave effort put up by the Canterbury Bulldogs but the night and year belonged to the South Sydney Rabbitohs.




on buses

THE busy Suva-Nausori corridors are a haven for bus companies.

Whatever the route is, buses will find passengers along the way.

The competition is widely contested by buses with music, comfortable seats, airconditioned, buses via CWM Hospital, buses with TV and friendly drivers.

One thing that is missing is buses that provide free wifi for these routes which certainly will be the most popular of all.

A lot of FNU and USP students and the hi-tech public will never want to miss the opportunity.

People will not only catch the bus but will also be beside the bus especially at the bus stations to have them connected.

Some people travel these routes to get to internet cafes.

What a way to do it just traveling to get there.

Tomasi Boginiso



children fairly

I WISH to express my horror and shock at the atrocities being done to our children.

Certainly, these are not the hallmarks of decency and compassion. Definitely not!

We now see children being preyed upon by deceitful and cruel adults who exploit them physically and mentally.

Most of them are just too young to make the right choices in life and so are easily mistreated and abused by adults.

And there are those who have never experienced parental love at all in life because of circumstances not of their choice.

Others face hardships and horrific ordeals beyond our expectations.

Where do we stand as adults in such situations?

Should we allow our children to continue to be treated cruelly like this?

Isn’t it our duty to safeguard our vulnerable children from dangers lurking from all corners of life?

Being residents of a country aligned to the United Nations covenant on the rights of children, it is about time we change the way we treat our children.

All our engagements whatsoever need to reflect the ideals of the civilised societies that we live in.

Remember as adults, it is imperative that we protect our children.

Yes, at all costs!

Joeli Naleca




AN issue I’d like to raise with the authorities is in regards to the unavailability of parking space in Suva City and that is on side streets/roads.

For example, if I need to do some business on street A, I will end up getting available parking space on street C, D or even no parking at all.

Now, with the introduction of the electronic pay and display parking chits available in Suva City, it would be much appreciated if designated street names were also printed of that particular street where the parking machine is located.

This will reduce unnecessary use of parking space as looking at the current situation, pay and display chits can be used on any street from any machines.

I hope authorities take heed and come out with possible solutions in the near future.

Shamal Chand


Fiji FA


THE Fiji Football Association’s elections will be held at about this time next year.

The by-elections last year provided a good indication of the number of votes that the current administration backed candidates will get.

It appears there is an attempt to introduce reforms to the Fiji FA constitution which could eliminate all competition to the incumbents. These amendments are expected to be tabled at the Fiji FA annual congress next week.

I believe these reforms will make the nomination criteria the most restrictive ever in Fiji FA’s history and all but assure that the current administration will continue after 2015.

District football administrators have had the reputation of playing to the whims of the top brass.

I challenge the district football administrators to do the right thing this time around and exonerate themselves of this unflattering reputation.

You owe this to the sport you love and to the football fans of this country.

Do not let the beautiful game be captured by a group of people who I believe have not done any real justice to their positions.

Let’s not deny the youths and other enthusiasts the opportunity to administer the sport and take it to greater heights.

Nilesh Lal




NADI seems be one of the worst noise polluted towns in Fiji.

On Saturday I happened to be in a store.

The music was being played on a very high volume that I couldn’t stand it and just had to go out.

There were some mothers with babies in their arms.

I hope the mothers realise the bad effect of the loud noise to their babies ears.

The other one was a church group opposite the Nadi Market with huge loud speakers the sound of which could be heard at the temple towards the Sigatoka end of Nadi Town.

Does OHS have any control over this noise pollution?

Israr Khan


Are we

still learning

AFTER the performance of the Baby Flying Fijians in the trans-Tasman competition in NZ, it seems we have not progressed in terms of the game we all love called rugby.

It just goes to show that in terms of development we are still way behind and are only applying Band-Aid solutions and have not done anything for the long term.

Like I’ve said about the U20 team, how many of these players will make the U20 or even the senior team?

In the current Australian squad there are nine players who came through this tournament and imagine that this tournament is just four years old.

So once again we are just there to make the numbers and not contest for the trophy.

A possible solution since the players are chosen from the Deans competition, why not pick potential players from the lower grades.

It will give them valuable experience, and in time will benefit schoolboys rugby, the players and even the country.

Better yet why not take a leaf off the Nadroga Rugby Union because it seems to be doing something right.

Lawrence Wara


To be equal

TO make everyone equal is more like telling the sun not to shine.


Suva Point

Ban diapers

COULD the government ban the importation of diapers because most of them are dumped in the rivers every day. Could they also stop the X-ray search at the Nausori airport for local flights because there is no search done at Labasa Airport.

Sukha Singh


Rural taxis

I wish to raise my concern that some rural taxis that have been given a base to operate from are seen operating in the city and never seen at their bases. I believe these operators have no fear of authorities who haven’t done their job to stop this. I believe there are many rural taxis doing business in towns and cities.

M Shameem



WHILE it’s good that we have a very modern state-of-the-art Parliament House which is equipped with various latest electronic gadgets, I’m wondering how many of our parliamentarians actually know how to use these latest technologies. I guess an introductory course on how to use devices such as the iPads would be a great help to some of them.

Avineel Kumar


Blessed Fiji

THANK you Lord for blessing my beloved Fiji. Thank you for the release of the 45 army personnel from the al-Nusra rebels. Thank you for the successful and free election and thank you so much for the rain that will counter the prolonged drought we are currently facing. Let us unite and keep praising and thanking this Almighty God to keep blessing Fiji.

Timoci Matainadroga


A scenario

PRANEET Singh of Sacramento thinks perhaps dropped former Health Minister Dr Neil Sharma might be in line for an ambassadorial appointment (FT 4/10). That would be most fitting seeing as there is already a surplus of doctors in the health services in the new Fiji. Dr Neil Sharma can’t just go back to being a medical practitioner, can he?

Rajend Naidu

Sydney, Australia

Careful drivers

I’M wondering if ambulance drivers have ever been charged for dangerous driving. Sometimes I feel in the race to save lives of the patients, some drivers risk the lives of other road users. The Barara and Lomolomo stretches in Lautoka are the most dangerous. My humble request to all ambulance drivers, please refrain from dangerous driving.

Avineel Kumar




THE election and our selection of individuals into Parliament is over.

But by no means should everything be over for it is only the start.

We now ought to keep a close eye and ear on those we have voted in.

Many we know little about and many of whom did little or nothing for their communities and our nation before the elections.

They have taken up and sworn to serve our nation and serve they should.

No longer should we take on the traditional notion of serving them.

Watch carefully for personal agendas and watch carefully for nepotism.

Such powers can easily be abused and we must never let that happen.

With approximately half a million responsible pairs of eyes and ears we now need to closely observe their performance over the next four years.

Let’s hope they do a good job for the betterment of all.





JUST a question, while budget is being discussed and salary also becomes a topic of discussion.

Who determines which portfolio can receive 100 per cent plus in salary increase in government, and what key performance indicators, and exponential outcomes measured to justify this?

I have never worked in government thus, find this baffling, and unreal, even in our tourism workforce.

Would this be a justified hike for permanent secretaries?

Surely $220K could employ two permanent secretaries, producing amazing results.

Finau Naigulevu Turaga

Nadi Airport



According to Michael Downing, a lecturer at Tufts University in the United States of America, most people believe that daylight saving time was designed to benefit farmers and schoolchildren, however, those theories are actually false.

In fact, schoolchildren and their advocates have always opposed daylight saving because by moving the clock forward we get less morning sunlight and children are out on dark route to school. I believe the same goes for the farmers.

Nevertheless, it may be beneficial to those who have a tendency of waking up early in the morning and utilising the extra bit of sunlight.

However, I believe that the timing is not right as the external examinations begin on October 27.

This will affect the students physically as well as psychologically therefore, I humbly request the relevant authorities to postpone it until external exams are over.

Praneshwar Ram




SINCE water is scarce because of the appalling dry conditions, we have been constantly reminded by the Fiji Electricity Authority CEO to consume electricity wisely, as it is a vital component for those generators.

With Diwali just a stone’s throw away, will there be any restriction for those celebrating this joyous occasion by decorating their properties with numerous types of expensive lighting?

Could Mr Patel shed some light and kindly advise the public on this? After all, this is the festival of lights.

Nishant Singh


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