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Gold Coast 7s tickets

I have made numerous calls to the FRU Office since July 2014 in regards to the availability of the tickets here in Fiji.

There has been no response from Rugby House, despite the polite “we will call you back”.

The last was two weeks ago where one Mr Rob asked me to email him.

I did. Still no response.

I am sure, there are others such as me wanting to know the availability of tickets here in Fiji.

Can Fiji Rugby Union, through your column, just tell us whether we can purchase the tickets here or not.

Arun Prasad Nausori

Environmental concern

Our environment is under assault from both corporate bodies and consumers which we are not aware of.

Unless we become more environmentally responsible, our grandchildren may not enjoy the natural beauty and resources that we take for granted.

Each day we lose more open space and pollute more air and water.

But, with everyone doing a small part, we can minimise the destruction and even reverse some trends.

First, we should take it upon ourselves to investigate measures to protect the environment.

We should boycott the products of those calloused companies that destroy or misuse our natural resources.

Second, each citizen needs to do his or her part in conserving natural resources.

We must recycle, even if it means carrying newspapers to a distant recycling bin.

We must dump waste such as paint, gasoline, and other hazard chemicals in appropriate receptacles, and reuse items such as cardboard boxes and paper materials.

An awareness of the fragile nature of our environment can help us all to take helpful measures as our collective efforts will have a significant impact.

Pat Vuli




Fiji, a tropical island which is not suitable for daylight saving will turn the clocks an hour ahead in four weeks time to mark the start of daylight saving — which I believe is a time of routine disruption.

It marks the beginning of dark mornings and light afternoons.

Changing the time in months in which the interval of daylight is already long by nature, it seems completely useless and not helpful at all.

Our internal clocks have to be updated and adjusted to the change in time, which I believe can be a total drag and somewhat torturous to those living in interior places, leaving no choice but to wake up and leave home in the dark, either to reach work or school on time.

I believe school students are the most affected since they tend to fall asleep during class and this has an impact on their academic performance during the crucial time of final examinations.

Some may say daylight saving would allow more time for gardening and exercise.

However, many harness this quality time in the wrong manner.

People may take this time to grab a drink with workmates and friends and may not have track of time because of light evenings, resulting in reaching home late and probably leading to arguments in the house.

As a Year 12 student, this is my humble request to the government to look at this issue of daylight saving from the point of view of the mass rural population who are adversely affected by this and not from a few of those who benefit from it.

I hope this matter is taken seriously into consideration with a positive outcome.

Heenali Bhagwan


High blood


It is common knowledge that many people have high blood pressure (hypertension), many of whom are not aware of it.

It is a good idea for people to have their blood pressure checked from time to time so that they can take action if it is excessive.

Unfortunately, having it checked can be inconvenient.

Years ago, when I lived in a different city, all the fire stations had a sphygmomanometer to measure blood pressure and people who knew how to use it.

Anyone anytime could go to a fire station for a blood pressure check.

A sphygmomanometer is not expensive and it is easy to learn how to use it.

Perhaps if testing blood pressure were made more convenient, people would be more likely to have it checked and would be encouraged to take action to reduce their blood pressure if it is too high.

Often it can easily be considerably reduced simply by reducing salt intake and walking for half an hour every day.

Increased efforts to reduce the incidence of hypertension would greatly reduce the cost of medical care.

Frank R. Eggers



Dashboard lights

Now with the state of the art vehicle testing equipment operational at the Land Transport Authority headquarters, it would be much appreciated if LTA also considers being strict with dashboard warning lights while inspecting vehicles during warrant of fitness.

Dashboard warning lights play a crucial role in a vehicle’s smooth running operation.

Warning lights such as ABS (anti brake skidding), air bags, seat belts should be strictly checked during inspection and sent back for possible repairs and maintenance before a warrant is issued.

Some accidents that happen on our roads are also caused by these malfunctioning warning lights as the vehicle lacks correct data while being driven.

Irrespective of preventing accidents, these lights also save lives, for example if a vehicle gets serious damage during an accident and if your air bags, brakes or seatbelt wearing lights were displayed before hand, chances are there that your air bags won’t activate to protect you, so there you go.

All these warning lights work hand in hand and are dependent on each other’s data.

It would be much appreciated if LTA gets strict with dashboard warning lights while doing vehicle inspections, as it may prevent unwanted accidents and save lives.

Shamal Chand Kuku Bau Rd Nausori



ONE thing that we should not let go of is our readiness to forgive.


Suva Point

People’s power

The people have decided; now we move forward. Time to catch someone doing good!

Peter Edwards



It is so humbling to read that the chief of Dreketi in Macuata and his people and family are reconciling. I would not be surprised to see the rain fall soon on their land. The whole of Fiji should do the same.

Elimi Marawa



Daylight saving

I just hope and pray that the government listens and decides that Fiji does not need any daylight saving from this year onwards. Let’s enjoy the “Fiji time”.

Mahendra Kumar


Modern state

It seems we already have a modern state and democracy in Fiji with the appointment of Iliesa Delana as Assistant Sports Minister. Congratulations to you, Mr Delana. You are now on equal footing with Imran Khan and Arnold Schwarzenegger, sports heroes who entered politics and got rewarded for their popularity in their country. Just one thing, speak out loud when you hold a speech and don’t be shy, you are a hero.

Erwin Karl Skiba


Own action

SWEARING under oath every person has to be held accountable for their actions.


Suva Point

Bus stand

I would like to ask the relevant authority in charge of the Lautoka bus stand to please visit it on Saturday and see how drivers drive their buses and how people move around in that small area. I usually go down to Lautoka every Saturday for my classes. This place is very dangerous and there is not enough space for people to sit to wait for their bus.

Mereseini Taukave


Bright city

Damodar City definitely lights up in the evenings making it a bright city. This is perhaps one of the brightest shopping centres in Suva and across the nation. Definitely a city that brightens Grantham Rd and is frequented by shoppers.

Floyd Robinson


Prayers, polls

Just as many of us prayed for the release of the 45 soldiers and had our prayers answered so must we accept that our prayers have been answered with the result of the election. God Bless Fiji.



Soccer referee

I said: “Ref … verbal foul!” This was in the iTaukei language. Referee Iqbal replied: “Soccer … only English.”

Abhinesh Raj Sabeto



Opposition’s Ro Teimumu, Tupou Draunidalo and co in our new Fijian Parliament will take their oaths under our 2013 Constitution which during their pre-election campaign they promised the world that they would do away with our inclusive world-acclaimed 2013 Constitution once in government.

Now in opposition my concern is will they accept being officially sworn in under our Constitution and can they still have enough air to sustain them to last four years warming the bench until the next election working under the 2013 Constitution which as recorded, they will not accept.

Why not boycott parliament and go on a hunger strike for the next four years as it would be the best way forward for all of them.

Tukai Lagonilakeba





Exercising their democratic rights and voting, voters decided the fate of all the candidates who stood in this year’s election. Through their participation, 50 lucky ones have made it to the Fijian Parliament to be part of a nation building process for the next four years. No voter has been heard criticising the historic one day free and fair election anywhere which indicates that Mohammed Saneem and his team did a marvellous election job.

Now the democratically elected parliamentarians ought to rise and deliver the best for all Fijians in the country. They have to leave aside all negative thoughts and contribute positively towards developing the country where everyone benefits now and in the future. When problems arise, the parliamentarians from all sides in the parliament must endeavour to solve them in constructive ways.

Like religions, no parliament promotes anything negative for a country. The 50 elected top civil servants with attractive salary and perks cannot be expected to cause any hindrance to moving the country forward as pledged by them before election. We hope and pray that our elected parliamentarians will not let the electorates down in any way. Work hard and be sincere so that you don’t have regrets in the next election. Respect voters and they will respect you. I wish our elected parliamentarians all the best. May God bless Fiji?

Suresh Chand




Fiji has finally achieved the dream of becoming a democracy. Now that we have been returned respectfully to that basket, we must rid ourselves of those ideologies and feelings that may have potential to make us act in a different way.

Those many bridges that were built when sanctions were the order of the day must be retained.

Those bridges and the old ones with our traditional international partners will certainly lead Fiji far and to greater dreams.

Now is the time to strengthen the machinery that runs any genuine democracy.

Our type, the new type of democracy must not be termed the “foreign flower” on local soil.

Donald Singh


Victory at

the polls

CongratulationS to FijiFirst for winning the election and hopefully all differences can be cast aside and all work together for a better Fiji for all Fijians.

Thank you Prime Minister Josaia Voreqe Bainimarama for all the difficult times you went through, yet you stood firm in your belief in taking our Fiji to where it should be.

We hope that Fijians in Fiji and around the world will support your move towards democratic governance.

It’s going to be a load on your ministers to fulfil the needs of our beloved nation within these four years in leadership and this can only be achieved if everyone who voted works together with your government for the common good.

God bless Fiji.

Joe Saileka Nasinu

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