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To prepare or not to prepare

To be able to express something out of the culture of silence is undoubtly a tremendous stepping stone into which the citizen of our nation are to bravely encounter with theoretical and practical experience from those who have had distinguished services and honorary achievements in our beautiful paradise.

Well, I’m sure practical experiences was portrayed by our friends from the Republic of China, who visited our shores with a big ship equipped mainly of medical facilities and probably a little bit of military gear and defensive weaponry.

The progress of a nation does not depend on either secular or religious activities but more on building community capabilities, development of our resources and enhancement of our domestic economic production and trade.

I agree with one beauty contestant that expatriates should not be involved in executive posts in sports, while answering a question in this year’s Hibiscus final night. Another beauty adds that she will not sacrifice her life for money. Another contestant should have been awarded a prize for expressing herself amazingly by dancing and waving to the crowd when all the contestants were focusing on the crown and gulping a nerve, she gave her all, smiling and dancing, beautiful. I saw happiness in the face of her companions.

Fair enough and well done Queen Rainima for the top award and prudent impression when facing naita Lenora.

To my fellow citizens, we are about to embark on a new journey. I wish I could express myself more but words cannot truthfully define who I am. Well, if I’m given the opportunity to lead, I will never forget the 2014 queen’s final answer on promoting peace in a secular state.

Let us promote our own status by utilising our spectacular and peculiar resources like my friend Mr Chand who only reached Class 7 and has had over 20 years of experience in automotive engineering, panel beating and mechanical works.

My tauvu from Saqani related some of his personal achievements on land use, structural development and building construction. Are they overseas experts? Simply not. They are fellow countrymen from Vanua Levu, just like the famous 1977 lions tamer coach Tabualevu.

Our country once had a bright reputation in terms of industrial production and planning when commissioning the Kaunitoni in 1975, the first ever luxurious ship to be built in Fiji. Give FijiFirst a chance, live in peace, neglect terror by imploring protective measures for our sacrificial benefits.


True hero

Firstly me, and my family on behalf of all our FijiFirst supporters would like to congratulate and thank you at the same time, as the effort you have put in and the tremendous job well done during the past eight years. Through all the efforts you have put for the nation and the people of Fiji is highly appreciated.

I have voted in the past elections and have noticed the false promises from the leaders, but as for the past eight years the whole nation has experienced the developments.

Although there was not much overseas support during the past eight years the Bainimarama government has done a lot for the people of the nation.

Sir, I along with my family have supported the FijiFirst party from the start and will always support it in coming elections as well, despite me and my family being threatened by some youths that they will burn my house if I keep supporting the FijiFirst party, and the matter was also reported to the police.

At last I along with my families wish you all the best in future.

Prem Bhan Singh, Caubati

Thank you

I want to thank you very much:

1. To the Lord God who give me human body with everything good.

2. To the management of the Comfort Home Furnishing who employed me at the age of 73

3. To Mr Bainimarama who gave us the half bus fare and free ticket to the schoolchildren

4. For the worst part of our life that is the old age.


Enthrone God

Viti natives were spirit and idol worshippers, fierce ruthless warriors who practised cannibalism. My grandfather told me that he saw his people eat human flesh.

Their chiefs called vunivalu and tui, led their own people through those evil and perilous days to the dawn of civilisation. This came by Christianity and not by a civil state.

In fact, it was through the network of chiefly system that the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ was ever accepted in heathen Viti. The chiefs embraced God, their people followed.

The backbone of the chief’s prowess and their people’s relentless courage to fight for survival, was their land, vanua. It was the only real possession which they had. It was life to them. When taken over by a conquering chief, they cease to exist, since they are absorbed into his vanua.

It was their life insurance, heritage, and legacy passed down through the generations.

In their tradition, they regarded it as their mother more so than it is universally recognised today by the term motherland.

So the vanua stands for the chief, people, tradition, culture, heritage, and legacy.

Moreover, the portion inherited by the iTaukei today is branded by the blood and bound by the bones of their ancestors.

The wisdom and depth of democratic foresighted leadership of their British Colonial leaders gave them the Birth and Land Register.

Everyone is recorded in their own vanua according to their father, his itokatoka, mataqali, yavusa, village, district, and province.

This was done to safeguard their existence from what had happened to natives of some surrounding countries.

Its allotment was not through High Court rulings because they knew it themselves under their chiefs.

When those heathen kai Viti learned of God, the Bible war Lord, who promises a better land of eternal prosperity and peace to those who accepted His rule, they naturally identified with Him and surrendered.

They made Him their paramount tui. Today our chiefs, fellow Fijians carry on this tradition and say to the vanua, “Maroroya na lotu, na Vanua, na matanitu”. Preserve religion, the land, and government.

Great Britain honoured this legacy of the chiefs’ importance in the vanua, that when an iTaukei chief was made a knight, his traditional title was preserved in his new one thus, Ratu Sir Josefa Vanayaliyali Lalabalavu Sukuna.

Today, when we adopt the name Fijian, we need also to respect its traditions and preserve its heritage and legacy. We do this by encouraging God as tui in our lives and government.

Also to allow Him by faith, fasting and prayer to lead in our election, and elect Him as our Prime Minister.

It means respecting our chiefs as God’s ambassadors in terms of handling their weaknesses humbly and supporting their leadership wholeheartedly.

As well as committing ourselves to support the progress of our nation as our forefathers have done, with love for each other and sacrifice for our country, now and always.

Then it is truly Our election. Our government. Our Fiji.

Saula Suasua Ratu., Nadonumai

Kava drink

We are now promoting kava in ready to drink cans?

I thought we as a nation were trying to cut down on its consumption.

So much for healthy living!

Nishant Singh, Lautoka

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