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AS the political front shifts slightly, we are left to ponder on what will eventuate. And going by the Supervisor of Elections Mohammed Saneem’s forecast, that eventuality could probably happen any time soon or over the next couple of days.

The new electoral system has obviously had its teething problems and these have stretched through from pre-polling to yesterday’s national polling day.

Leave aside the fact that pre-polling has actually stretched our national elections from early September to yesterday, there is the possibility that this could even be a system to improve on in the future.

The pragmatic view would be to relook at how things turned out and see how it can be improved.

Hopefully such dilemmas will more likely be worked out and reforms put in place to address these early niggling issues moving forward.

Elections are about serious choices and given the scenarios that existed pre-election, hopefully post-election will offer a welcome reprieve as we look forward to the results of our first poll date in eight years.

It has obviously been a long time coming. Yesterday was about exercising our right to vote and choose a government we want.

It was about making a very important choice.

Whatever your take is on what constitutes good governance, the bottom line is we all want what is good for our nation.

Bread and butter issues are obviously very highly rated and so are other issues such as security and infrastructure development.

Now the waiting game continues. It actually started last night after polling officially closed at 6pm.

The people have spoken. As the provisional and confirmed results roll out, there will no doubt be mixed emotions. How the various parties come out of this will have a hand in determining our future.

So who will it be? Who are the politicians who will get to make up our 50-member parliament?

There are a number of scenarios that will be raised as counting continues, ranging from a party with a clear majority to no parties coming off with that, and the probability of a coalition.

Clearly there was a concerted effort to cast a vote. One wonders whether that is a reflection of the mood around the country and whether it suggests this election was long overdue.

Could it be an indication of the willingness of the masses to exercise their right to have a say in determining our government?

All in all it does bring in a positive touch.

Attention now shifts to the security of all ballot boxes and the counting process.

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