Young people urged to vote wisely

National Federation Party's Youth Wing president Sharveen Chaudhary. Picture: FILE

THE youths must purely focus, like other voters, on policies and solutions for genuine social, economic and political advancement of the nation.

This was highlighted by the National Federation Party’s (NFP) youth wing president Sharveen Chaudhary, who said youths should make a rationale decision on which party they choose based on its leader and its capabilities of fulfilling promises made before the election.

“The youths must cast aside emotion and rhetoric from political parties and make a decision that which party is best placed to secure their future in terms of easier access to education and decent and meaningful jobs because long-term fulfillment through sustainability of policies will secure a better future for our youths,” Mr Chaudhary said.

He said political parties should provide an avenue to the youths to allow them to question their manifestos by encouraging them to engage and actively participate in these discussions.

“Youths should be empowered to talk to party representatives and have their questions answered.

“Only then will the youth be able to assess the genuineness of these policies and the motivation behind their formulation. Many promises advocated in the last elections were not implemented. There have been instances of betrayal of promises.”

He said the NFP had always championed the cause for the youth of this country.

“The NFP has ensured that the youth at all times are part of the decision making in a democratic environment.” He said NFP believed in inclusivity and this reflected in the selection of youth male and female as provisional candidates to contest the elections.

“The level of unemployment among the youth, lack of job security, low wages and salaries, graduates doing work outside of their qualifications because of the lack of opportunities of decent paying jobs in their field, the high cost of living and the current restrictions on scholarships and TELS are some of the key issues facing them,” he claimed.

He also mentioned that the party was also concerned at the lack of freedom of speech in the country.

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