Young bowlers join competition

YOUNG bowlers John Masi O’Connor and Vesito Rauluni are the future of Bowls Fiji says national rep Samuela Tui.

The duo represented Tamavua in the 2017 Five Squares Banana Cup which started at the Suva Bowling Club greens yesterday. O’Connor, 14, originally from Lagalevu, Kadavu said bowling had been exciting sport for him.

“It is always fun to play bowls and my whole family plays this sport so it is more like a family tradition.

“I have played five tournaments since joining the sport in 2013,” he said.

“The journey is very good. One has to use his brain in order to play bowling and it depends on how you train you body. I am planning to continue with the sport in future.”

Rauluni, who is a Year 9 student of Dudley Intermediate School was happy to be competing in his first competition.

“Bowling is fun and very exciting sports to play,” Rauluni said.

“I am very happy to be part of my first Banana Cup competition.

“The competition is very tough, but we are still learning as our goal is to become good bowlers and represent Fiji in the international competitions like Commonwealth Games.

“We have got junior bowlers who are teaming up with one another and they are now playing with the big boys of the competition,” event official Samuela Tui said.

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