Yee calls for change

AS Fiji rides on the success of Olympian and Commonwealth Games boxer Winston Hill, a former Fiji amateur boxing official has called for a review of the game in the country.

Dart Yee was an official in the sport in 1996. He now lives in Australia, but holds his country of birth close to his heart.

“I miss those good old days of amateur boxing in Fiji,” he said while accompanying his wife June to watch Winston fight in the 69 kilogram semi-final at Oxenford Studios last night.

“Amateur sport in Fiji is dying and every time we hear that it needs to be revived. We need to put in the right officials.

“Don’t use boxing for your personal gain. The boxers are the assets and they need to be treated properly. They need to be looked after well. We don’t need politics in boxing, it will spoil the sport and that is what is happening now.

“In the 1990s we found good boxers like Marika Binatagi, Koroi Vodo and the Raiwalui brothers. There were many more, but for Fiji to bring out good boxers, we need the right people and whose interest is only boxing.

“We need the right resources and facilities and the right support.”

He said Winston had the chance to win more international fights if he was looked after well in Fiji.

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