Yasawa rugby wants back in

THE Yasawa Original Rugby Union wants to rejoin the Fiji Rugby Union in the upcoming season.

Union official Eminoni Taka said in a letter to FRU they wanted to rejoin after a lapse of 31 years.

“The name of our union shall be the Yasawa Original and includes the clubs from the three main islands of Naviti, Yaqeta and Matacawalevu with the inclusion of Turtle Island and Nanuya Sewa,” said Taka in his letter.

“The reason why we are again forming the new union is because of the difficulties we face in our weekly transportation to the Yasawa North and Yasawa South rugby unions.

“Our geographical locational and high cost of fuel makes this unrealistic, irrelevant and very costly.”

Taka said Yasawa won the B Division grade competition in 1981 and 1982 and produced top players in the past.

“One of our famous rugby players is Kaiava Salusalu. Later players like Jone Daunivucu and Jale Salusalu made their mark in the national team and their respective overseas clubs.”

Taka said there were some promising players within their union who were waiting for an opportunity to expose their talent.

“We sincerely hope our request is granted for our love of rugby. We have proven our worth and we are anticipating continued success if given the opportunity.”

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