Yacadra aims to empower women through self-reliance

2018 Vodafone Fiji Hibiscus festival contestant Miss Fiji Care Lice Yacadra. Picture: SUPPLIED

LICE Lenora Yacadra would like to be a champion in empowering women through self-reliance.

This is the message the 22-year-old from Rewa with maternal links to Taveuni would like to advocate at this year’s Vodafone Fiji Hibiscus festival.

“I believe all women have the potential to be great in whatever they choose to do but not enough is done to help them understand their worth,” Lice said.

“I am extremely excited about this year’s theme, which is based on the five Rs because I believe this theme will allow us to showcase changes we can get in our family, community, nation and also a lifelong lesson for our children to practice in years to come,” she said.

“An example would be repurposing coke cans into earrings or even bottles into creative pot plants. This theme will have a huge impact towards climate change also if each individual takes action in each household and create a sustainable future for our children.”

The University of the South Pacific student who is proudly sponsored by Fiji Care believes all women are bold but some women did not think that they are.

“Being chosen as a Queen contestant this year for Hibiscus provides a platform for me to empower young girls and women to be bold and confident in whatever situation they are in,” Lice said.

“It’s okay to feel the fear but we must make sure to take action anyway.”

Lice said she had always had the interest to enter the pageant since primary school because she believed this platform allowed one to be a better version of him or herself, and also allow to face our fears.

She said the experience so far had been challenging because they all needed to step out of their comfort zones.

“But it’s exciting at the same time just to be around amazing sash sisters and also be able to take this journey with my younger sister.”

Lice said her personal value that was taught to her by her parents was to put God first in everything and in any situation and all things will fall into place.

“Secondly, is the importance of family. Life is tough and I personally believe our heavenly Father gives us a family to be there for each other in any situation, whether happiness or sorrow. I believe with these two important values that my parents instilled in me, I can face anything that life throws at me and I am truly blessed to have such amazing parents, and family and also friends.”

She said preparation for the pageant was going well.

“At this stage, I believe that everyone I’m close to is helping me in preparing for the Hibiscus festival. I am also grateful to God for giving me the confidence to continue strong and stand on stage in front of Fiji and also the people of the Pacific to voice my message.”

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