Wrong numbers

SEVERAL people were turned away from voting at the Navoci community centre polling station in Nadi on Wednesday morning because their registration card numbers differed from the ones recorded in the voting log book.

Navoci Village headman Epeli Saukuru said the lot included two men who returned to work in Denarau after being told to return to the venue before the 6pm voting deadline.

“I’ve been trying to assist them all morning,” he said.

“Both men were turned away because while their names were on the roll, the registration numbers on their voter identification cards did not match the ones in the roll.”

One of those turned away was Asena Toga, who had a replacement voter identification card issued and had brought both the replacement and original cards to the polling station.

“I presented both cards but still they said I had to vote elsewhere,” she complained.

Both voter identification cards had differing addresses but Mrs Toga said neither was recorded in the venue’s roll book.

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