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WHEN Niroku Masaki started a small pencil company with 10 employees 130 years ago, who would have thought that one day that same company would become a global leader as far as reliable writing instruments and stationery is concerned.

Welcome to Mitsubishi Pencil Company — the world’s largest manufacturer of supreme quality pens and pencils together with associated lines of stationery products.

From the humble beginning in 1887, Uni-ball pens and Uni pencils have risen to become international brands proudly manufactured by the Mitsubishi Pencil Company of Japan.

The high quality writing instruments set themselves apart by delivering superior performance, excellent design, and continual product innovation. Offering wide range of products such as pens, pencils, whiteboard markers, permanent markers, highlighters, correction pens and geometrical sets, the Mitsubishi Pencil Company was originally known as Masaki Pencil Manufacturing Company which began creating superior wooden pencils in Tokyo, Japan.

It wasn’t until late 1940s that the company became ‘The Mitsubishi Pencil Company’ with a vision to become a global leader in their field.

Mitsubishi Pencil Company distributes products in over 100 countries through subsidiaries and a strong network of distributors.

“The Mitsubishi range has become very popular in all segments of the Fijian market,” Motibhai Group marketing manager Abraham Gomes said.

“Be it for school, office, group meetings, or personal use, Uni-ball has won the confidence of customers from all sectors,” Mr Gomes added.

He said the product lines are too many to list but a simple visit to most stationery stores, supermarkets, discount stores, drug and grocery stores which carry many Uni-ball pens and pencils will reveal the variety.

“Not resting on their laurels, The Mitsubishi Pencil Company continues to innovative and excite customers at regular intervals adapting evolving technology along the way,” Mr Gomes added.

Uni-ball products are distributed in Fiji by the Motibhai Group — touching your lives with quality products.

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