WOWS Kids partners with Nadi airport volleyball festival

Volleyball action this weekend. Picture: FT FILE

WOWS Kids Fiji is the official fundraising partner of the Nadi Airport International Volleyball Festival happening today.

WOWS Kids Fiji team leader Viola Lesi said this was something that really helped their organisation operate and thanked the organisers for the initiative.

“Last year, we received $10,000 but that was from Div Damodar for foundation. This year we are lucky enough to get on board with the organisers. This is a tournament where stakeholders from all over the country will be present and it will be a good chance to create awareness as well,” Ms Lesi said.

She is hopeful that orgainisers of other tournaments in future will join hands with them.

“It would be good, especially that we look after children and sports is the best way to fight any sickness I think. It will not only create more awareness about children’s cancer but will also help us involve children to take part in sporting activities.” added.

Tournament chairperson Joe Gray said they were very pleased to have partnered with WOWS kids Fiji.

“Firstly, we are very touched and moved as it is a local foundation. Secondly, they are looking after local children. And thirdl, the fact that we are able to give back to families and children who cannot afford medication for this serious disease,” Mr Gray said.

Meanwhile, 804 games will take place in the one day tournament this weekend.

Eighty four business houses making up 214 teams will compete at the event.

The tournament takes place at Mount Saint Mary’s School ground in Nadi on Saturday.

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