WOWs kids parents share their experience

PARENTS of children living with cancer under the care of the Walk on Walk Strong (WOWS) Kids Fiji were given a chance to share their experiences with other parents in similar situations.

Speaking at the workshop for parents yesterday, WOWS Kids Fiji founder Sina Kami said sharing their experiences and being able to learn new ways to take care of their child was important for parents.

“As someone who has been through it, I believe that it’s important that we learn from each other and also learn things like managing your finances and being able to take care of your family while looking after a child with cancer,” she said.

WOWS Kids Fiji team leader Viola Lesi said the workshop would also enhance the support being offered by the organisation.

“Now we want to expand our services by offering more support programs for our kids and their parents. This year there will be more support services. So our services will not only include the practical bit but we also want to bring in the spiritual, the health like nutrition and even psychological services by bringing in counsellors to work with our parents,” she said.

About 10 parents turned up at the workshop yesterday where Kami’s family members were also present to provide support to the participants.

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