WOWS kids get their hands dirty

WOWs members and their parents engage in farming and planting programs at the WOWs office in Suva. Picture: Supplied

CHILDREN living with cancer took time off from their hospital treatment routine to do extra curriculum activities at the Walk on Walk Strong (WOW’s) Kids Fiji resource centre.

These kids planted coriander seeds in their garden which was prepared by a group of volunteers from the Christian City Church in Suva. WOW’s Kids Fiji team leader Viola Lesi said such programs were set up to help support the children on their journey.

“We have organised these activities so that these kids can feel that they are normal,” she said.

“The only thing there is is that they have cancer but we don’t want that to be what defines them, hence, we want them to be like other children.

“For these children the best thing we can give is to let them be children and participate in activities. It’s a break for them from hospitals.”

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