WOWS kids celebrate

The children of WOWS Kids Fiji with parent Emele Wesley, left, and WOWS kids ambassador Nanise Rainima, right, celebrate the birthdays of Navjita Prasad, Alisi Ravouvou and Kartie McDonald at the WOWS kids offi ce in Suva yesterday. Picture: JOVESA NAISUA

WALK On, Walk Strong (WOWS) kids Fiji hosted a “family and children” get-together at their office in Suva yesterday.

The event coincided with three children, who are part of the WOWS kids Fiji organisation having their birthdays celebrated.

WOWS team leader, Viola Lesi said the birthdays were celebrated for children who were born in December last year and January this year.

“This is for our children living in Suva,” she said.

“We have this organised monthly. This is just to get our families together and organise fun activities for the children,” Ms Lesi said.

“It is also an opportune time to get the parents together and share their experiences about their journey and to encourage each other.”

She said this provided an opportunity for WOWS to engage fellow speakers to come and talk to the parents.

“In the past, our support has always been practical.

“So now when we have birthdays, the children have their fun activities and for parents we have discussions with them,” she said.

She said these discussions involved psychological, spiritual and financial literacy for children suffering with cancer.

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