Worrying is a pitfall, while blessing is a fortune

Worrying about your children, husband and mother are all family concerns that can create serious headaches.

Our worries concerning family members are mainly caused by negative psychology, rarely by positive ones. Bad memories have turned into negative aspects. For example, our family members can get sick or old and may not be able to take care of themselves, or otherwise, kids are too naughty. All of the above are negative imprints, that is to say, psychology memories are full of negative things. Although we worry for the sake of our family members and with apparently no bad intentions, these bad memories will still come out as big trouble.

Most people rarely sing praises in their life. In fact, many songs of praise exist in Indian, Babylonian and, Egyptian civilisations and also in ancient Rome.

Our worries, however, whether we speak out or just think of them, will have negative effects leading to bad outcomes, since each of our words and thoughts has a power and therefore has an impact on the people we worry about. It is like you digging a pit into which others may jump. If there is no pit, no one will jump. If we keep saying or thinking in a negative way, we will create a corresponding result.

Events may have happened in the past and only impact us now, or we may have seen things happening to us or others before, leaving us with bad memories. And we now connect them to our family members. This is particularly harmful since the more we worry, the bigger the power. Worrying is a kind of psychological suggestion.

In the film Forrest Gump, the eponymous character is a slow-witted child, while no matter what people think about him, his mother keeps repeating that her son is as good and excellent as any other. As a result, her son turns out to be the best whether in the army or in other fields. Actually Forrest Gump is slow with a low intelligence quotient. He may not be good at reading, but he is good at football because he is a talented fast runner. His outstanding running ability makes him a top player in his football team. His mother always praises him, never says “he cannot”. Whatever happens, she praises her child all the time. From the film, we can tell that the positive guidance in the direction of others is very important.

For any single event, we can widen the space to better recognise and adjust it by dividing it into four stages; the object (or situation), the thought (the mind), the action (or behaviour) and the result. Mind is the key to adjust. If we don’t adjust or use our mind actively, we will be restricted by our habits as well as the cause and conditions, opening the door to annoyance and confusion. Adjusting is to act proactively, make our life more positive and meaningful, and allow us to overcome all constraints and confusion.

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