Worrying is a pitfall, while blessing is a fortune – Part 2

It is easier to deal with problems on the phenomenal level, for they are materialised and concrete, while it is not easy to solve problems on the mental level, say worrying, for they are abstract and reflect the dynamic state of our minds. So, adjusting the mind is the key in the latter case.

Now that worrying has side effects, why don’t we praise instead? For example, we can praise our mothers. “My mum brought me up, so everything she did is good.” We can all do it. In everyday life, we can also provide support to our mothers by taking care of her diet and health, rather than use negative emotions to worry about her. This is true, positive support. Family members, especially the mother or the head of a household, tends to think and comment negatively on their kids. This hurts their kids badly.

If we really worry about our family members, what we should do is to support them by changing our worrying into blessing and praising. Bless and praise our mothers and children! The negative suggestions and inclinations towards our family members must be actively converted into predetermined positive ones. Praising and blessing has the power of positively guiding the direction of others and will increase their fortune. On the contrary, if we have already had a bad inclination towards our family members because of something negative that happened before, another bad thing happens and it could become the last straw.

What about blessing? It is also a kind of inclination. When anything comes up, we can always act to praise and bless to increase the fortune of others. This is very important in our lives.

Sometimes although we can’t help others in their situation, we can always bless them in our hearts. We cannot afford to lose blessings and positive state of our minds. Negative emotions may arise, however, adjusting will leave us open to a more relaxed, positive and sunny life.

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