World’s largest MPA

IN what looks to result in the world’s largest, potentially most flourishing ocean reserve, US President Barack Obama has announced that he will expand the Pacific Remote Islands National Marine Monument.

The marine protected area (MPA) is home to an array of sharks, turtles, seabirds and a number of other underwater creatures and this expanse will soon extend to include six times more ocean water — that is a little over 490,000 miles.

“This really is a matter of stewardship.

“It’s also a matter of generational responsibility,” remarked Secretary of State John Kerry in a statement last Thursday.

“We have a responsibility to make sure our kids and their families, and the future, has the same ocean to serve it in the same way as we have — not to be abused, but to preserve and utilise.”

The area will protect areas such as the Johnston Atoll, Wake Atoll, and Jarvis Island, and keep them off-limits to activities such as commercial fishing and energy exploration.

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