World Ventures Foundation offers help to needy organisations

Members of the World Ventures Foundation with the local volunteers at the Homes of Hope earlier in the week. Picture: ROHIT DEO

NEEDY organisations have been asked to contact the World Ventures Foundation if they are willing to be assisted in the future.

Foundation coordinator Jen Clarke, who visited the Homes of Hope in Wailoku, Tamavua, earlier this week said her team was ready to return to Fiji if required.

“Any organisation which needs our help can contact us through our Facebook page or they can always come through the Homes of Hope. We are aware of the situation in Fiji now in terms of childcare homes and we would be more than happy to come again,” Ms Clarke said.

She said the assistance could be of various types depending on the need of the organisation concerned.

Ten members of the World Ventures Foundation visited the Homes of Hope at Wailoku on Thursday.

The group, made up of tourists who are also volunteers, was accompanied by some local volunteers who carried out a number of farm activities.

The ‘dreamtrippers’ completed the project then headed down to Sigatoka to experience the Fijian hospitality.

This is part of the ‘Voluntourism’ program, which is a practice of doing volunteer work as needed in the community where one is vacationing.

The members who visited the Homes of Hope had paid for their holidaying trip to Fiji but in the process opted to help out in volunteer work in a needy organisation.

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