World to see Fijian sitting

IN a bid to make members of Parliament more accountable, Parliament sessions will be streamed live on the internet starting tomorrow, making it possible for the international community and Fijians abroad to catch a glimpse of the first sitting of the Lower House.

Fiji’s democratically elected parliamentarians will gather for the first parliamentary session tomorrow, almost eight years after the last one.

The sites will go live on Monday morning in time for the official swearing in ceremony of the parliamentarians at 10am.

The Minister for Communications, Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum said the live streaming would give Fijians an unprecedented level of access to the proceedings of Parliament and set new levels of transparency.

“It makes MPs more accountable. Standards of behaviour in the Chamber are bound to be kept high if our elected representatives know they are being watched by the people who sent them there,” he said.

“As anyone familiar with the internet knows, it can sometimes be frustrating to be confronted with continuous buffering or dropouts. We want everyone with access to the internet to be able to watch Parliament in session.”

Mr Sayed-Khaiyum said hosting the proceedings on two websites should avoid any problems with connectivity.

The proceedings can be seen on the following link:

This is an addition to the streaming available at Connect Fiji’s myconnect homepage – Apart from this, both television stations, FBC TV and Fiji One will carry live coverage of the session as well.

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