World Stroke Day

THE youngest person in Fiji to suffer a stroke is 12 years old.

This was highlighted by the Assistant Minister for Health and Medical Services Alex O’Connor during the World Stroke Day celebration at the Fiji National Council for Disabled Persons (FNCDP) in Suva yesterday.

He said the rising incidence of stroke in Fiji indicated that people were not doing enough to reduce the risk of stroke.

“In Fiji, at least 2000 people will have suffered a stroke and of these 30 per cent will need a lot of assistance for the rest of their lives, 30 per cent will almost completely recover and 40 per cent will need some assistance but can do most every day activities on their own,” Mr O’Connor said.

Mr O’Connor said with this year’s theme “Face the fact: Stroke is treatable”, people are challenged more than ever before to be pro-active in their approach towards stroke.

“Increase awareness of the public, policymakers, and health professionals about the causes and symptoms of stroke.

“The World Stroke Day highlights the treatable aspects of stroke, in particular sending a unified, consistent message throughout the world by co-ordinating and enhancing existing stroke campaigns to sustain a global effort.”

He challenged members of the public to act now because stroke was a global epidemic that threatened lives, health and quality of life.

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