World renowned dairy products

FONTERRA, the world’s largest exporter of dairy products is a global dairy nutrition company, a co-operative owned by 10,500 New Zealand farming families and supported by 22,000 dedicated people around the world for more than a century. Fonterra products are sold in more than 140 countries around the world.
Some of the key brands of Fonterra are Anchor milk and cheese, Kapiti, Perfect Italiano, Mainland, Special Reserve, Chesdale cheese, Fresh & Fruity and Country Soft.
Kapiti cheeses are premium quality, award winning New Zealand made cheeses that stand out from the crowd and are made to be savored.
Recently, some top cheeses of Fonterra were awarded the 2018 New Zealand Cheese Awards. Kapiti won 18 medals including ‘New World’s People’s Choice’ for Kahurangi for the 4th year running, and ‘Champion & Gold Export’ for Kikorangi cheeses, silver in ‘Blue veined’, and bronze in ‘Original New Zealand Cheese’. Kikorangi cheese was also the winner of the Champion Blue Cheese Trophy at the 2017 NZ Cheese Awards.
Kahurangi is a stunning, triple cream cheese with a golden curd and a rich buttery texture, marbled with dense blue veining. This is perfect on any cheeseboards. Kahurangi is a delightfully smooth and creamy cheese with delicate blue veinings. Kahurangi has a five texture and mild savory flavor and offers versatility of use, on its own or in recipe dishes. Kahurangi cheese also won two silvers in ‘Blue Veined’ & ‘Export’ and bronze in ‘Original New Zealand Cheese’. Kahurangi cheese was also voted NZ’s favorite cheese in 2017.
Kapiti Award Winning Blue cheeses alongside Kikorangi and Kahurangi are Kapiti Awa Blue, Kapiti Baby Kikorangi, Kapiti Tuteremoana, Kapiti Pakari, Kapiti Port Wine Cheddar, Kapiti Smoked Cheddar, Kapiti Aorangi Brie, Kapiti Kahikatea Camembert, Kapiti Smoked Havarti and Kapiti Waxed Havarti.
Mainland Special Reserve offers a range of premium specialty cheeses, perfect for enjoying with friends, when entertaining, or for turning an ordinary meal into something extraordinary.
Mainland also won four awards this year, including two silver and two bronze medals. Mainland Vintage and Mainland Double Cream Camembert won the silver medals. Mainland Double Cream Brie and Mainland Tasty won the bronze medals. Mainland Edam Mild and Creamy is 100 per cent vegetarian cheese, high in protein, 28 per cent low in fat, a subtle nutty flavor that is milk and creamy.
Mainland Parmesan is available as a grated, block, shredded and shaved option that has a dry to mouthfeel with rich complex pineapple tones that is slightly acidic with a sharp bite to it. Block cheese is perfect for grating and shaving. It has a sharp bite & rich in taste. Mainland Parmesan is great as a topping or melted throughout.
Mainland Mozzarella is available as a block and grated cheese. It has an ideal melt, with great coverage and a generous appearance, keeping customers content with every slice. Extra stretch mozzarella gives outstanding pizza stretch, that lets every customer enjoy a delicious, authentic pizza appearance every time. Pizza Blend also gives a subtle difference to sprinkle on pizzas to give it an authentic taste, spreading evenly for a golden melting presentation.
Perfect Italiano offers a range of easy to use and delicious cheese products that turn an everyday meals into something special the whole family will love.
Chesdale slice and Chesdale block cheese is also used for various cooking and presentation purpose to give a melting sensation.
Traditionally cultured with a delicious creamy flavor, cream cheese also creates another option for consumers to make a selection from. Anchor cream cheese blends beautifully with a wide range of sweet and savory flavors. With its smooth body, mild and creamy flavor, Anchor cream cheese meets customers’ desire for natural goodness. From cheesecakes with an excellent texture to toppings with rich color and sharp definition, the excellent bake stability and firm texture makes everything look beautiful.
Punjas are exclusive importers and distributors of Fonterra brands like Anchor milk, butter and cheese, Kapiti cheese, Perfect Italiano, Mainland, Special Reserve, Chesdale cheese, Fresh & Fruity and Country Soft throughout Fiji.

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