World Consumer Rights Day

If you have ever purchased something and needed to return it, you have exercised your right as a consumer.

These rights have not always been something that was easily defined or enforced. The organisation Consumers International has been bringing awareness to these rights with World Consumer Rights Day which is celebrated on March 15.

The world is celebrating the 35th World Consumer Rights Day 2018, with the theme of Consumer International “Making digital marketplaces fairer”.

In this regard a “public awareness walk” was held to create awareness about consumer rights and responsibilities on the eve of World Consumer Rights Day 2018.

Each year, World Consumer Rights Day adopts a theme to highlight.

Some themes from the past have included antibiotic resistance and healthier diets.

To celebrate in your community, look for events that are trying to bring awareness to consumer rights or areas of public policy that need to be changed.

Consumers’ rights need to be heard.

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