World-class menu worth every cent

AS you enter the Burger King Suva restaurant you’re lured by the strong aroma of the world-class menu that the friendly Burger King staff prepare for each customer.

The exceptional menu offered at Burger King consists of ingredients that are well prepared and are satisfyingly delectable giving that specific Burger King signature taste.

The menu consists of the famous burgers, chicken fries, desserts, drinks, condiments and other savoury meals that are ideal for all.

Burger King general manager Akash Narsey said customers could now have world-class burgers right here in Suva and they don’t have to go all the way overseas or to Nadi to get the famous burgers.

“We have a large variety of burgers and we have brought in very popular products from overseas,” Mr Narsey said.

“Chicken fries has been very popular overseas and it has represented a very large growth for the burger king brand worldwide.

“We have our soft serve and sundaes which have proven to be a massive hit in Nadi which many of our patrons especially commenting on the rich creaminess of our product.

“For us it’s just a matter of growing the brand and in growing the brand we are growing our customer base, which means we can bring in more exciting and varied products.

“I think a lot of customers have brought up the fact we don’t have the full Burger King menu that can be found overseas and they are correct about that.

“There are certain products that you can only find overseas that we don’t have here in Fiji because it’s a supply and demand sort of problem. When you’ve got one or two restaurants you have suppliers overseas who will not be able to produce these ingredients for us simply because we don’t meet their minimum order requirements but with four to five restaurants, we will have the demand to meet these requirements.

“That is what this restaurant represents, it is not just about expanding to Suva, it’s about expanding the brand and our demand so we can talk to our suppliers to meet certain requirements that we weren’t able to meet before.”

He said the restaurant would get better and they would build more restaurants in Fiji to cater for customers’ needs.

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