World champion

ARMY Bears rugby league team handed the 2017 Defence Forces Rugby League World Cup trophy to the Commander Republic of the Fiji Military Forces Viliame Naupoto at the ANZ Stadium in Suva yesterday.

Coach Jese Koroibola said the mission was accomplished after handing the trophy to Naupoto.

“It was our faith which helped us to win the World Defence Force World Cup and we went to the event as the underdogs but we came out victorious,” he said.

“Australia is one of the best countries and are the champions in the rugby league, but we have proved them wrong.

“We also relied on God who can do anything for the team. We gave the cup to the Commander of Republic of the Fiji Military Forces thanking him for the assistance towards the team and showed what the RFMF is capable off. We had been relying mostly in the rugby union but know we can prove ourselves in the other fields as well.”

Army Bears were supposed to play Ravoravo Rabbitohs in the Fiji National Rugby League Vodafone Cup quarter-finals, but they lost the match by default. However, Koroibola said they do not have any regrets.

“It was our decision not to play in the Fiji National Rugby League and respect their decision but, we chose to go to the World Cup and it is because we wanted to expose the players,” he said.

“The world cup was one of the biggest competition and we wanted to prove to all the nations that Fiji can do anything and we are capable of anything.

“The weather was very cold but the players managed to stick to what they were told. We thank the families of the players and officials for their prayers and support and the Republic of the Fiji Military Forces.”

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