World Archery Fiji holds ‘come and try’ program for the keen

World Archery Fiji is inviting members of the public to try out the new sport by participating in their 'Come and Try' program every weekend. Picture: FT FILE

WORLD Archery Fiji is looking to expand the sport in the country by holding a ‘Come and try’ program every weekend at the Saint Joseph Secondary School grounds at Waimanu Road, Suva.

The come and try program is aimed at welcoming the members of the public to join in learning more about the sport and its techniques.

World Archery Fiji member Francis Dominiko said the association had been trying to grow the sport and build interest in the local community.

“We’ve been trying to grow the sport steadily, these programs such as the ‘Come and Try’ program is a one of the ways in which we could help the sport to grow in terms of the number of people who would like to join archery,” said Dominiko.

“This year alone, the number of participants has been good. We have had a growth of 30 members since January which is quite a lot considering how hard it is to get people to be consistent.

“The ‘come and try’ program is for the general public to come and give a try and build their interest in the sport.”

World Archery Fiji is focusing on the build up towards the 2019 Pacific Games that will be held in Apia, Samoa.

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