Workshop to reduce vulnerability

A THREE-DAY workshop centred on the shock responsive social protection approach will begin in Nadi today.

The event is organised by the Fijian Government, the Australian Government’s department of foreign affairs and trade, World Food Program and World Bank Group.

A statement from the organisers said shock responsive social protection was a new, integrated approach to reduce the vulnerability of poor people in developing countries.

“It works on the understanding of the interlinked nature of the shocks and stresses poor people face today and the potential synergies to be gained from bringing together social protection, disaster risk reduction and climate change adaptation,” the statement said.

“The growing trend of the use of cash and voucher transfers, particularly ‘e’ or digital transfers in humanitarian emergencies is changing the landscape of humanitarian responses.

“Despite the fact that in kind support remains by far the most widely used humanitarian response modality globally, the use of cash is growing steadily in size.”

With more Pacific Island Countries under growing pressure to ensure the timely and efficient response of humanitarian aid in times of disasters, shock responsive social protection systems based on rights and inclusiveness are said to not only fulfil people’s basic rights but establish a firm platform for both social and economic development.

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