Workshop to equip medical professionals in controlling HIV

Update: 3:57PM ONE hundred health sector participants representing 11 countries from around the region gathered in Nadi with the common goal which is to strengthen health systems to better control HIV and TB in Pacific island countries

The workshop
focused on equipping medical professionals with the required tools and skills to
carry out diagnostic assessments, strengthening procurement, supply and
management of drugs for treatment and evidence-based data that better informs
policy change and programs. 

Asia-Pacific team leader for HIV, Health and Development, United Nations
Development Program (UNDP) Nadia Rasheed said having implementers from
government ministries, civil society, communities and development partners
together in the same room was an opportunity to be taken advantage of.

“In order to succeed in building stronger and sustainable health
responses that are based on human rights, it’s
critical that we do so in an inclusive way – that involves all stakeholders and reaches the most vulnerable in society,”
she said.

The workshop was organized by UNDP through the
Multi-Country Western Pacific Programme, which is supported by the Global Fund
to fight AIDS, TB and Malaria

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