Workshop on gender equality

Participants and stakeholders during the workshop at Korolailai, Wailoku yesterday. Picture: JONA KONATACI

A three-day domestic violence workshop organised by the Anglican Church’s advocacy organisation, House of Sarah, was held at the Peceliema Methodist Church in Korolailai, Wailoku, this week.

The seminar was designed to teach and train church leaders and members of different communities the importance of gender equality and preventing violence against women.

The project, titled Preventing Violence against Women in Fiji’s Faith Setting, used a faith-based approach to encourage gender equality and prevent violence against women.

The project encouraged Fijians to take a lead role in stopping violence against women and girls in their homes and communities by building equal and respectful relationships within families, churches, schools and communities.

The Reverend Mosese Seruiratu from the Tamavua Methodist Church said lessons learnt should be introduced to the different churches to help people understand the importance of gender equality and stopping violence against women.

“It is also taught in the Bible that we should love our wives, family members and communities,” he said.

“Sometimes, we, as Christians, should take a stand and consider that our women are here to play an important part in a community to make it whole.

“Today, you can see almost every hour, there is rape and violence against women, we should learn to respect them and preach in church how to respect women.”

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