Workshop for schools athletics officials

THE Fiji Primary School Athletics Association has organised workshops to help the officials understand the rules better when they officiate at the divisional 2016 Chow Games around the country next month.

Association secretary, Patrick Bower said they had organised workshops to train the officials.

“We cannot organise the competition without the help from the officials and we thank them for their service. The officials have been trained during our special workshops with the support from FMF and in association with Athletics Fiji,” he said.

“So when there is an actual event there is fair play and the officials are very conversant with the rules. The official’s support is very important and critical.

“I think we underestimate the role of the officials and they are the ones setting up the examples for the athletes who would be competing.”

He said locals were trained by the overseas expert in terms of electronic timing and photo finish.

“We will make sure the selection of our officials are very clear and who should be in the control room and those who are working in different areas. We have worked out throughout the year and our officials are well versed with the rules.

“We are still having difficulties with some of the districts hosting the games and the officials are not up to scratch. They have volunteered their time which is fair enough but they do not know how to run the games or their event. It is a disadvantage for the athletes and we see through the workshops we held we have improved on the level of the officials but we still find there is a need to go out to other districts.”

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