Workshop focuses on youth employment

EIGHTEEN participants from nine Pacific Island countries are part of a four-day workshop that began in Suva yesterday to discuss improved employment opportunities for youths in the region.

Asian Development Bank principal social sector economist urban and public management Pacific Department, Andrew Parker, said the Pacific Youth Consultation Training workshop was hosted by ADB in partnership with the Pacific Community (SPC) and the Pacific Youth Council.

“With the theme ‘Improving Employment Opportunities for Youth in Fragile and/or Conflict-Affected Situations’, we want to hear directly from the young people themselves about the situations in their own respective countries,” Mr Parker said.

“We have two representatives from each of the nine countries and we want these young people to tell us what sort of challenges they face, what do they know about the employment situation in their country, especially for young people, what they think we can do to address these and what our government and various sectors can also do.

“In the Pacific it is often hard to get real information and knowledge directly from the grassroots and from the countries themselves, the data are often incomplete so we really have to build up a picture.

“So we use data and as much analysis as we can from these participants.”

Kiribati Children Campaigners Network representative Rae Bainteiti said the workshop provided the platform to advance the establishment of a body similar to Fiji’s National Employment Centre.

He said this was the perfect opportunity to advocate for a similar body in Kiribati.

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