Workshop creates awareness on renewable energy

Monisha Naidu receiving her Certificate of Participation. Picture: SUPPLIED

RENEWABLE energy sources are unlimited, clean and environmental friendly and these properties make them important for sustainable development in developing nations such as Fiji.

Ignite4Change representative, Monisha Naidu said this during the Renewable Energy for Sustainable Development in Fiji workshop which was an event that created an awareness amongst participants on the importance of renewable energy and the role Fiji plays with respect to Fiji’s leadership at COP23.

“Sustainable development does not only refer to environmental issues, in fact, it must be based on an economy which does not destroy our ecosystem much faster than it can generate and should also be an instrument to wealth redistribution and creation of social well-being.” Monisha said.

“This workshop was a platform for the youths to understand the challenges Fiji normally faces when we talk about renewable energy for sustainable
development. Such challenges could be resulting from its small size, geographic isolation and natural disaster vulnerability.”

She said that this workshop enabled youths to ponder on important aspects such as ways in accessing and utilising Fiji’s geothermal resources for electricity generation, developing hydro-electric systems, using biomass to generate electricity and many other.

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