Workshop begins for political parties

THE Fijian Elections Office has started training for political parties ahead of the 2018 General Election.

A three-day workshop called “Building Resources in Democracy, Governance and Elections” (BRIDGE) for political parties started in Suva yesterday.

Supervisor of Elections, Mohammed Saneem said the training delivers on the need for political party agent training for the 2018 General Election, as highlighted by the Multinational Observer Group report.

“The BRIDGE workshop has been adopted by the FEO because it allows very thorough discussions of issues,” he said.

“The FEO will provide the necessary training, information and background of the entire process of elections to allow political parties to develop their own training programs for their polling agents.

“It is the choice of the political parties to determine the level of training and the nature of scrutiny they wish to implement,” he said.

The workshop has been organised in line with FEO’s Strategic Plan (2015 – 2019) Goal 8, which is to enhance the knowledge and skills of the FEO’s stakeholders through training and capacity building.

Twenty people are participating in the workshop, including 12 registered political party representatives and eight interested individuals, who were selected from an expression of interest process.

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