Work scheme benefits Fijians

TWO of the 27 seasonal workers who were given their pre-departure certificates by the Ministry of Employment say they will financially benefit from working in New Zealand.

This was after the workers were handed their certificates by the ministry’s deputy secretary Vilimone Baledrokadroka to work for Heywood Orchard Ltd, Agworks Ltd and Apata Group Ltd under the NZ RSE scheme.

Saula Naivakacavu, 35, a first time seasonal worker, thanked both the New Zealand employers and the Fijian Government for providing this job opportunity.

“I am indeed grateful to be the first to be picked from village elders and to represent Nadoi Village from Rewa, it is a blessing,” he said.

“I have set up my goals and upon my return and I intend to achieve them,” Mr Naivakacavu said.

Jone Salesitino, 25, a returning seasonal worker from the Namosi Village of Vunidawa, said he was prepared to work for the second time with Heywood Orchard Ltd.

“I was able to build my house in the village and also set up my own shop upon my return last year,” he said.

“And I’m grateful to be given this opportunity to work for my family.

“My goals and targets are known to my family and this has kept me going,” Mr Salesitino said.

Mr Baledrokadroka said the ministry was grateful for their hard work.

“Through perseverance and hard work, you will be able to achieve your goals and targets.

“Also, this will allow more from your various villages to be recruited under the RSE Scheme,” he said.

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