Women’s futsal ready to roll in the country

Fiji Football Association will soon introduce women’s futsal in the country.

Fiji FA futsal development officer Ronald Ram said they had plans to set up futsal competition for women.

“We are planning to develop futsal for women with weekly competitions,” Ram said.

Ram said there was huge interest in football shown by girls as they could see during the Vodafone U16 and Under-18 league.

“Yes the interest in playing football in girls has increased and to further develop their skills we will make them play short-sided game.

“Futsal is a way to develop skills with short-sided game.”

The former Fiji national futsal rep said they had four teams lined up for the competition.

“We currently got four teams on our books and we are awaiting confirmation from other interested teams before we start the competition.”

Ram said what futsal offers footballers was unambiguous.

“Better decision-makers in tight areas, quicker and more accurate passers better in one to one situations — attacking and defending — and adaptable players who can rotate and be fluid tactically. It’s the constraints of the game that are crucial for skill development,” Ram explains.

“So the surface is a constraint, it makes the game quicker.

“So if you don’t play indoors on a hard surface and instead play on grass, the constraint is gone because it has slowed the game down.

“The goals, by being smaller, are a constraint. They’re more difficult to score in. So you have to pass more to get the ball closer to the goal to score.

“Not playing off a wall means you’ve got to keep the ball on an island, not just booting off the wall.

“The laws of the game: four on-court players — not five, six, seven or two — is an optimum number for combinations and passing.”

Ram believes playing futsal was a way to become better skilled footballer.

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