Women to have a voice

SODELPA leader and former PM Sitiveni Rabuka (left) and Lynda Tabuya after a court appearance. Picture: RAMA/File

THE Social Democratic Liberal Party (SODELPA) says it will accelerate the full and equal participation of women in government if elected into government.

Party leader Sitiveni Rabuka claimed that the party aimed for a minimum of 30 per cent of women to be in Parliament, statutory boards, public service, local government councils and government-owned companies.

Mr Rabuka said the party would also increase representation of women in the private sector.

He said the party would address violence against women improving the essential services like protection, health, counselling and legal assistance for women and girls who were survivors.

Mr Rabuka said he would strengthen the enforcement of legislations regarding violence and crimes against women and the children.

“Strengthen and improve the implementation of the Crimes Act and Domestic Violence Act and related laws to combat the scourge of sexual and gender based violence against women and children,” Mr Rabuka said.

He said the party would remove barriers against the employment of women and their participation in the formal and informal sectors.

“Implement gender equality measures in public sector employment including state-owned enterprises and statutory boards,” Mr Rabuka said.

“Improve the facilities and governance of local produce markets including fair and transparent local regulation and taxation policies so that the market operations increase profitability and efficiency and encourage safe, fair and equal participation in local economies by women.”

Mr Rabuka said they would also target support to women entrepreneurs in both formal and informal sectors.

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