Women sing praises

Women of Naceva Village in Kulu, Beqa getting ready to sing their hymn at the Methodist Annual Bose Ko Viti. More pictures on page 23.Picture:Supplied

SINGING at the Methodist Church in Fiji and Rotuma annual Festival of Praise was an emotional experience for 40 women from Naceva Village in Kulu, Beqa.

In an interview with this newspaper, choir leader Amelia Tawake said they were happy to take part, adding this was only their second time at the event.

Ms Tawake said attending the event was not easy for the women because they had volunteered to pay their own passage to Suva, leaving their families behind.

“We volunteered to give and raise money for our donation to the church and for our uniforms but we are happy with the spirit of unity within the group”, she said.

“The group prayed and fasted as we prepared for our uniforms and our transport money from the little we could make.

“Most of these women had to go to the forest to look for ways to earn money so they could pay their donation.”

Yesterday, women’s choirs around the country took centre stage at the festival to sing their hymns.

Men’s choir groups are expected to perform today at the events venue at Furnival Park in Toorak, Suva.

This year choir groups from the Assemblies of God and Catholic Church joined the festival.

Methodist Church in Fiji spokesman the Rev Wilfred Regunamada said one of the most important parts of the Methodist theology was the singing of hymns.

Meanwhile, more than 500 choirs are expected to turn up at the festival.

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