Women play a vital role

WOMEN play a very important role in the family, particularly when it comes to raising children.

This was the message from the Save the Children (SC) Fiji CEO, Iris Low-McKenzie, while speaking to mark the 16 Days Of Activism against gender-based violence in the country.

Ms McKenzie said children, who witnessed violence against a member of their own family, often grew up thinking it was acceptable and would more likely become victims themselves.

“Every day we read or hear about women and children being abused in some form and the perpetrators are mostly known to the victims. Children not only need to grow in a violent free home but a violent free community,” Ms McKenzie said.

She revealed marking the 16 Days Of Activism was important to bring the public’s attention to the violence that was happening against women and children in the country.

“We are in the festive season now, there will be lots of family gatherings and merrymaking, we call on families to ensure protection of women and children is always prioritised and their wellbeing thought of,” she said.

The 16 Days Of Activism campaign would end on Human Rights Day on December 10.

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